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Wine Aerator Testimonials

wine aerator testimonials

Welcome to the testimonials page for wine aerator testimonials.

All wine aerator testimonials are unsolicited and proof of submission can be provided upon request.

We are happy to share feedback and reviews received from our customers.

If you have something you’d like to share with others, please do contact us as we’d love to hear from you.

Also why not take a look at some of our wine aerator videos online.

Mary, Arizona, USA

05-Jan-12 I give WineWeaver a 5/5 for value for money –  plus I like the video of how the aerator works on your website.

1st February 2012

Emma, Leeds, UK

05-Jan-12 Packaging looked great and as a christmas gift looked really impressive (and the box was easy to wrap!). I liked that the corkscrew matched the colour of the wineweaver. My husband was very pleased with the gift and was impressed with the results after use.

The quiet operation of the product was great as compared to other wine aerators on the market.

I found the ordering process very simple and was pleased to receive quick and clear confirmation and updates as to when delivery could be expected. The product was packaged beautifully – without having to pay additional cost which is rare these days. This made receipt of the product even better. My husband was very pleased with the product and it was used almost continuously over christmas. The wine saver and corkscrew were very good. All in all very impressed with the service and standard of the product.

1st February 2012

Allyson, Bristol, UK

05-Jan-12 Me too – 5 star customer service – likely to recommend

1st February 2012

Suzannah, London, UK

05-Jan-12 I give WineWeaver 5 star Value for Money and 5 star Customer Service!

1st February 2012

Zsusza, Abbots Langley, UK

05-Jan-12 Easy to use, nicely packed, fast service, great product giving great tasting wine

1st February 2012

Allan, Polmont, UK

05-Jan-12 I bought 3 of these as present and they have been well-received. Lovely item as decoration and it works well, improving the quality of the wine quite noticeably.

13th January 2012

Mark, Basingstoke, UK

14-Dec-11 Highly rated product – all good 🙂

13th January 2012

Janet, NSW, Australia

08-Dec-11 The wine tastes fantastic after putting it through the WineWeaver. Fast Delivery. Thank you for such a wonderful product. We enjoy our wines even more now!

13th January 2012

Jeff, Australia

12-Dec-11 Boy, you guys at Wineweaver offer FANTASTIC customer service. Amazing!! Appreciated!!

13th January 2012

Mike, Florida, USA

06-Dec-11 I use mine often and can’t wait to give them to my family and friends!  The process doubles the value of the wine.  A $10.00 bottle tastes like a $20.00 bottle after it has been poured through the WineWeaver.

13th January 2012

Michael, Florida, USA

06-Dec-11 I can’t wait to give them to my family and friends that will appreciate them.  I use mine often!  I personally feel the process doubles the value of the wine.  A $10.00 bottle tastes like a $20.00 bottle after it has been poured through the WineWeaver.

13th January 2012

Carlos, New Mexico, USA

04-Dec-11 Easy to use when pouring. Aesthetically designed and functional aeration (plus decanting) for glass servings. So far my experience is good and can appreciate the difference in just-opened bottles

13th January 2012

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