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Wine Aerator Testimonials

wine aerator testimonials

Welcome to the testimonials page for wine aerator testimonials.

All wine aerator testimonials are unsolicited and proof of submission can be provided upon request.

We are happy to share feedback and reviews received from our customers.

If you have something you’d like to share with others, please do contact us as we’d love to hear from you.

Also why not take a look at some of our wine aerator videos online.

Would Definitely Recommend

WineWeaver – it’s a fab product…really easy to use and makes a real difference to the taste of our wine. Would I recommend this product? – definitely…I already have!

Lucy, Bearstead, UK 1st November 2016

Would Recommend Murano Corkscrew

Bought 3 x coloured corkscrews (Murano Corkscrew by Waiter’s Friend). You had the colours available, design and features I wanted. Would recommend to a friend. 5/5 value for money, product quality and customer service.

Dominic, London 1st November 2016

Improvement In Taste

The wineweaver makes every glass a ritual of pleasure. Whether at home or out and about (it’s easy to put in my bag) I love to watch the aeration and then enjoy the improvement in taste. It’s also great fun taste testing with friends. 100% of the time it tastes so much better! I love my wineweaver!

Helen, UK 1st November 2016

Customer service is excellent…

Pros: Wine Aerator is simple to use, easy to clean and it works. Cons: None.
After sales customer service is excellent. The first one sent never arrived! However, thanks to your great customer service, a replacement was sent and I got that no problem.

Michael, UK 1st November 2016

Black Velvet Wine Aerator

I was given a WineWeaver Black Velvet last January… I have been impressed by its performance and I will certainly recommend you to quite a few people

Richard, UK Black Velvet Wine Aerator 1st November 2016

Beautifully Packaged

Thank you WineWeaver for your excellent customer service, helping me to sort out my problem. My goods arrived in good time and beautifully packaged. I will certainly be returning when I need another present.

Pam, UK 1st November 2016

Christopher, London, UK

WineWeaver seems to work very well – I did some taste tests comparing the unaerated wine with the wine that had been weaved and was impressed to note the difference. Easy to use and I think it’s a great gift! Very good product and good value considering the value derived and the fact that it will last a long time.

5th December 2013

Mark, Basingstoke, UK

WineWeaver has a nice design and works well. I have recommended to several of my friends/family who have since purchased them. Works well for white as well as red, nice design and nice colours.

5th December 2013

Marielle, London, UK

03-Dec-13 I have ordered 3 now in the same colour, in 2 separate orders. My WineWeavers are very easy to use & I would recommend this product to a friend.

5th December 2013

M Cant, Edinburgh, UK

30-Nov-13 We used our wine weaver tonight on a Malbec from Sainsbury’s.  It really made a difference to the wine!

3rd December 2013

P.Singh, London, UK

21-Nov-13 The WineWeavers have arrived and they look beautiful! They actually arrived the very next day after placing my order and in perfect time to pack for my overseas journey! Thank you.

25th November 2013

P Singh, London, UK

20-Nov-13 It was a pleasure talking with your customer care team and I really appreciated the help and support. What a joy to have such a fruitful exchange in a commercial world that seems to have forgotten the ancient art of honour and willingness to help! Thank you, and I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and family. I am sure the wineweaver aerator gifts will bring wonder and excitement into the lives of the ‘lucky’ recipients!

25th November 2013

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