WineWeaver is proud to launch the highly anticipated WineWeaver Black Velvet wine aerator! A highly anticpated edition to the WineWeaver product range of wine aerators for single glasses and decanters.

WineWeaver Black Velvet embodies timeless elegance with its ‘onyx’ black spout and stand whilst delivering a delightful, velvet smooth aeration process to the wine.

The opulent and chic design of WineWeaver Black Velvet takes wine aeration to new heights making it the perfect sleek and stylish gift for any time of the year.

Take a peek and you are sure to want to buy the New Black Velvet WineWeaver wine aerator for your own enjoyment or as a unique gift.

Visit our online store now to purchase in either GBP or USD.

WineWeaver Black Velvet aerator - wine and cheese

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