Photo view from inside Williams Selyem Winery

Williams Selyeme Winery with views of the vineyard

Another adventurous wine tasting and I found myself recording in my wine tasting notes the sensations created by a Williams Selyem Pinot 1999 from the Anderson valley in Sonoma, California.  The Williams Selyem group of vineyards are proud of their ‘handcrafted’ wine and promote the concept that the vines dictate the timetable for the wine-making process and the grapes are allowed to speak to the wine-maker as there is time for each process to run its course according to the needs of the specific harvest.

This Williams Selyem’s Pinot is a cuvée I have not had the pleasure of tasting for many years now so I was looking forward to jotting down some new tasting notes on the 1999 bottle.

California Wine Tasting Notes: The Nose

Initially, my wine tasting notes go to record the nose of the wine. It was dark fruit orientated with lots of spices and a hint of roasted coffee beans, concentrated with dark bitter chocolate, mineral and heat. The impact from the oak seasoning was very integrated. However, it was clear that this Pinot from the new world by the tun of its profile.

California Wine Tasting Notes: The Palate

The wine tasting notes now move onto the palate which like the nose showed depth- construction with power and balance, followed on by a touch of evolution.  As the tasting moved on more savoury notes emanated onto the mid palate and my records show, the oak seasoning was more apparent on the palate with the ripeness of fruit supporting more sweet toasty notes.

California Wine Tasting Notes: A reason for wine aeration

Having conducted the initial wine tasting, I moved on to use my WineWeaver wine aerator to pour some directly into my glass.  I wanted try unlocking of the minerals  in the wine and added the aeration process because the minerals were well hidden behind the ripe-opulent palate surface.

The wine aerator had the effect of taming the spices a bit and developing a more berry like focus in the perspective.  The minerals showed with vibrancy and drive. My wine tasting notes went on to record the finish, after some aeration, had kept a secondary toasty profile but also included some dried meat and underbrush flavours it was almost herbal.

A real definition of a great terroir and it’s culmination through the right variety: a real treat of a wine! We drank that Williams Selyem Pinot 1999 with a sense of accomplishment!




Editor’s comments:

Another great taste recorded by Chris.  I did a search and found the vineyard building has wonderful designer elements. The building

Photo Williams Selyem building

Wine Tasting Notes on Williams Selyem wine-what a fabulous winery!

was completed in 2010 and costing in excess of $14 million would you expect otherwise?

Needless to say, if you get the chance to visit Sonoma there are fabulous vineyards and to help you organise such a trip I can recommend you take a look at a planning site so you can hone in on your own specific tasting requirements. Remember to take your wine tasting note book with you as you are sure to have some great adventures with the wines on offer.




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