Graillot wine tasting notes Alain Graillot wine maker pouring red wine on a dining table

Wine Maker Alain Graillot

On consulting my wine tasting notes,  I have recorded that Syrah, as a grape variety inspires me a great deal and particularly when supported by such vintage as 2010.  Despite being super young, only 2 years old, it still manages to captivate the palate. I think that everyone from professional to novice can experience the pleasure with the St Joseph 2010 from the Northern Rhone in France.

Coming back from wine tasting in the champagne region in France, we stopped in a Paris wine bar and ordered a St Joseph 2010 from the wine-maker Graillot.  I have previously written about some of these estate wines as they never cease to amuse my palate.

My Graillot wine tasting notes record the taste of the wine as deep, vibrant and bright with sense of grounded black pepper, olive tapenade, smoked-bacon flavours permeated through giving the wine its classic, distinctive taste and oh, so sexy to a Frenchman (which I, of course, am!).

Initially the palate was a little rigid with an acid structure bringing the fruit forward. There were limitations to the exposure on the finish as the minerals were driven at this stage. Some tannin in the wine was also discernible and involved in the length, combined with primary fruit tune.

The Graillot wine tasting notes go on to record the wine as being ripe and lifted with great juicy outcome. Finally, I noted that I did not unfortunately have my aeration tool, WineWeaver, with me to dig into the inner core of that little St Joseph 2010. A great pity as it is hard to wait for the wine to aerate over time and the extra natural aeration process would definitely have been worthwhile.



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