Hermitage 2004 Domaine Jean Louis ChaveRead Christopher Delalonde’s lastest Sommelier’s Corner Wine Blog entry and share in his wine tasting experiences of a Northern Rhone Hermitage 2004!

“I had a tasting of some Northern Rhone red recently, and funnily enough it is not a vintage that sticks in my head. By which I mean, I had no recollection of the weather patterns or the results for the region and more specifically, I had no visualisation of its most highly regarded sites.

As far as the wines are concerned I did not find the long lived Syrah style that I had hoped for but, some sites in Cote Rotie had achieved some good wines. I turned my focus to an Hermitage 2004 from the Chave region where I have been lucky enough to go and taste on three occasions so I really do like the style (of the wine).  Obviously I am thus a bit biased, but still I continue to listen to my palate talk!

Is not really taken by this bottle and thought it was slightly disjointed, a bit lacking the focus-that is generally the 2004 trademark.  Chave is outside of the vintage chart, at least for me! I should also point out that great winemakers show through difficult vintages; not easy ones!

Anyway, I reached for my wine aerator and poured some Hermitage 2004 into another glass.

You could clearly see that the extra oxygen brought the mid palate together and the flavour profile became more streamlined towards the smokey and black olive tones we all expect, but still I was not in love with this cuvee.

Ultimately, my conclusion is that it was still a too young an expression and only time will help with knitting it all up. Perhaps I should add, I bought two cases the day after the tasting as I think the price is still approachable.”


Master Sommelier - Christopher Delalonde






Christopher Delalonde, MS

The Sommelier’s Corner Wine Blog

Hermitage2004 DomainJeanLouisChave

Hermitage 2004 from Domain Jean-Louis Chave

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