The perfect home for the wine enthusiast?

We often write about travelling but perhaps you love wine and want to stay home a little more.

Have you ever dreamt of having an apartment which caters to your every wine-oriented needs, but without having to pay for your own cellar or fridge? How about your own personal sommelier, too? Well, it’s all become a reality. Tokyo may be setting a trend to be followed in London, New York, Washington and many other cities by creating the first “Wine Apartment” – the ultimate concept for the wine enthusiast. Tokyo Wine House Cellar with Private Sommelier

Found in central Tokyo’s upmarket Shibuya district, the block consists of 18 apartments. Each unit is equipped with its own wine fridge, capable of holding up to 26 wine bottles, as well as a rack for wine glasses. In the spirit of the French there is also communal access to a basement room which is capable of housing up to 10,000 bottles and operates with temperature and humidity controls to ensure that the wine is perfectly stored.

There are even 100 different types of wine glass on display in the lobby, which vary in style, size and shape, and to encourage the love of wine and enhance the sense of decadence, the residents are permitted to borrow the glasses.Tokyo Wine Apartment with Private Sommelier

Your own personal sommelier!

However, perhaps best of all (this is certainly my favourite aspect of “Wine Apartment”), each weekend a sommelier is scheduled to visit the “Wine Apartment” with the sole purpose of offering suggestions for food and wine pairings. The block’s private sommelier can even be hired for private parties and get-togethers at an hourly rate.

Prices for the apartments are roughly 30% above the market rate for the area and residents will also pay for the privilege of storing bottles in the basement wine cellar. The cost is ¥20,000 (£128) per month to store up to 300 bottles.

For those who like to eat out a popular bistro is available for the residents to bring and drink their own wines with their meal.

More to come

It would appear that the project has been a success.  Innov, the company behind the “Wine Apartment” concept, plans to open another block with 30 wine-oriented apartments  this year. There is no word yet, however, as to whether this block will have its own sommelier. Fingers crossed!

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