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Classic Red Wine Aerator with Travel Tote

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Wine aerator- WineWeaver Classic Red

What does it do?

The WineWeaver® wine aerator is made to instantly improve and enhance the taste of wine. As the wine is poured though the bowl of the wine aerator takes up air and soften the natural tannins. This natural chemical process continues as the wine and oxygen mix in the spout of the wine aerator and then again as the wine radiates out to be spread on the sides of the glass. As the wine moves through the WineWeaver and across the surfaces of the glass it is aerating constantly and instantly improving your wine.

Special feature

This wine ‘breather’ wine accessory is different to other wine aerators because you don’t need any extra equipment or stands for hands free pouring into the glass. You can also adjust the spout to suit your glass size and structure.

The curved rims on the outside of the bowl have been specifically designed and crafted to sit directly on the rim of a fine wine glass. This feature allows for ‘hands-free pouring’ meaning you are free to concentrate on the wine bottle. These little features make it the perfect wine accessory gift for any wine lover. Once the WineWeaver is in position on the glass, all you need to do is gently pour the wine into the bowl or chalice. You can pour the wine anywhere in the chalice as it will all flow into the spout and out into the glass.

Why is it so light?

It is no mistake that it is light weight. A great deal of design and technical knowledge went into making the WineWeaver wine aerator super light.

We studied various weights and sizes and included the weight of the wine. It is all about the impact on the super fine rim of a wine glass. As a result of all this research and the desire to get a super glass-like finish this wine breather or aerator is crafted from a super-lightweight FDA and EEC approved polycarbon.  We have used the best of modern technology to produce a designer look wine aerator which is versatile, useful and long-lasting.

How can you benefit?

WineWeaver wine aerator is designed for the single glass of wine market often referred to as the ‘single-glass market’. Consumption in this sector of the wine market has been on the increase in the last few years. At the same time the wine saving technology has also developed making drinking and enjoying fine wines at home is an every-day reality.

You can use all this technology to broaden your wine tasting experiences. Invest in a wider variety of wine and at different price points and usethe WineWeaver to enjoy every glass.

Complex wines

In recognition that some heavy wines, an expression used for wines with more tannins and complexity, the WineWeaver is also designed to adjust for decanters. All you need to do is adjust the spout to the desired level. If the decanter is not flat-topped you may need to hold the wine aerator.

Don’t forget there is a safety stop embedded in the bowl so don’t push or twist to far or too hard. Once it is in place just pour the whole bottle of wine into your decanter or jug. Let the air into the wine so the tannins can be shortened, and the flavours will instantly flow.

Main Features wine aerator wine accessory:

  • Unique Patent for an Adjustable Delivery System
  • Use with wine glasses & decanters
  • Use with red or white wine
  • Natural aeration to enhance your wine flavours and aromas
  • Super lightweight design to ensure safe and direct contact on fine-rimmed glassware
  • Filters sediment & cork
  • An integrated non-drip stand designed for practical and aesthetic reasons
  • Easy to use & dishwasher safe*

The Travel Tote

This wine aerator and its travel tote makes the perfect gift at Christmas time or for any special occasion from a teacher’s gift to a thank you to a best man or bridesmaid.  If your mum or dad enjoys wine this is the wine accessory for them.

It combines the wine aerator wine accessory in ‘Classic Red WineWeaver’ with a bag perfectly designed to hold our wine aerator. It has two internal pockets so you can save your cork or put in a corkscrew, if you need one.

The little bag is light-weight, compact and designed for convenience. It has never been easier to take your wine aerator to your favourite restaurant or on a wine tasting wine tour.

The tote is made from a durable water-resistant material with a drawstring cord to close.

Like our wine aerator it is designed to be easy to use, fit for purpose and simple to clean.


*WineWeaver® is dishwasher safe, however a gentle rinse by hand in warm soapy water is kinder in the long run. If using a dishwasher, please select the machine’s ‘glass setting’.


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