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Wine Aerator Product Range Gallery

WineWeaver® Wine Aerator Product Range

Offering easy to use hands free technology, the WineWeaver® wine aerator product range ensures that a wine poured through it is delivered directly to the contours of your glassware, combining the size, shape and curve of your glass in an integral step of the aeration process, whilst the perforations in the spout naturally weave air into your wine, helping to unlock its full potential.

“WineWeaver’s wine aerator is fast becoming ‘the must-have wine accessory’!”

Our adjustable wine aerator product range for Single Glasses and Decanters is specially crafted from a super-lightweight FDA and EEC approved polycarbon. WineWeaver® ensures safe and direct contact with fine glass and stemware and is dishwasher safe. Simply raise the spout up for Single-glass settings or lower for use with a decanter and enjoy using with red and white wines.

The WineWeaver® wine aerator product range is available in three styles: Crystalline, Classic and the latest range – Black Velvet. Each available to buy in our wine aerator shop.


Crystalline Wine Aerators

Each Crystalline WineWeaver® aerator has a crystal clear chalice and matching coloured aeration spout and drip-stand. Specially designed for those that enjoy watching their wine cascade into their glass.

Classic Wine Aerators

A classic coloured WineWeaver® with matching non-drip stand. Housed in attractive packaging makes for the perfect gift.

Black Velvet Wine Aerator

Our WineWeaver Black Velvet range fuses together the crystal clear chalice found in our Crystalline range with the timeless elegance of an ‘onyx’ black spout and stand.

Luxurious in looks with incomparable wine aeration results. WineWeaver® is the Sommelier’s Choice wine aerator and the Black Velvet range is the newest in our WineWeaver® collection.

Opulent and chic, the new WineWeaver® Black Velvet wine aerator makes the perfect gift any time of year!

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