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Which Wine Aerator Should I Use?

Which Wine Aerator Should I Use

Which Wine Aerator Should I Use, And Why?

Which wine aerator often comes down to personal choice. It may be that you are set on a particular colour or a particular shape but ultimately the choice should be made based on which aerator performs the best.

Do you remember when Nathan Myhrvold had fun using his liquidizer/ blender to wake-up his wine and called it ‘hyper-decanting’? Exciting, good Youtube stuff but really noisy and I am sure that most experienced wine drinkers would be wary of giving our wine such a dramatic shock.

We like things to be natural, a whole lot quieter and to use the pouring experience as part of the pleasure. Anticipation is part of the wine experience, those wonderful quiet moments with our chosen wine before we share it with our friends. The more expensive the wine, generally the more complex the structure and the greater the need for a wine aerator.

WineWeaver® is silent decanting and it has been specifically designed to aerate wine naturally and can be used directly into a single wine glass or if a whole bottle is desired it can be used with a decanter, without additional equipment being needed.

So, Which Wine Aerator Should I Use?

Choosing a wine aerator can be tricky, with so many on the market. Every wine aerator needs to be simple to use, effective in its  processing and efficient to clean.

These concepts have been designed into the WineWeaver® wine aerator so you can benefit from the aeration process every time you have a glass of wine without worrying about tidying up a mess afterwards. Our idea is to help you to enjoy every glass of wine, every time.

How? WineWeaver® has an adjustable spout which can be moved to suit your glass or decanter and whilst the wine flows through the spout it will also catch particles of sediment (more of an issue for wines from the old world).  Most importantly of all, it has be benefit of not forcing air into the wine but naturally exposing your wine to air during the pouring process.

wine aerator science

As the WineWeaver® photos demonstrate, the air is already being introduced into the wine whilst still in the spout. As the wine is poured it is gently spread over the surface of the glass making it thin enough to give the wine maximum surface exposure to the air (aeration), thereby releasing the aromas and taste in the wine.

We consulted a prize winning professional, Christopher Delalonde MS, and he voted it ‘Best Wine Aerator’. You might imagine that as a French wine professional he is keen not to spoil any of  his wine and the gentle process of the WineWeaver® suits both old and new world wines.

So if you love your wine or love someone else who loves wine, the WineWeaver® is a must have accessory, so don’t wait any longer to enjoy better wine, buy it now.

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