Wyken Vineyard Suffolk

Wyken Vineyard -Tudor Barn

Quaint English Charm and British Wine

We awoke to a fabulous late summer’s day and decided to spend it tasting some British wine over a long, long lunch. So off to the beautiful Suffolk countryside in which sprawls the 1,200 acre Wyken farm. Despite  boasting beautiful buildings and gardens, the farm’s signature feature is the award-winning Wyken vineyard.


After navigating the rural lanes of the English countryside, our initial craving was for lunchtime meal at The Leaping Hare, the farm’s renowned restaurant. Housed in a rustic barn, which dates an existence back to the Tudor age, the restaurant is certainly easy on the eye. The cosy walls and ceiling of its interior are lined with aged and impressive wooden beams, one of the many quaint features which oozes English charm.

Wyken Vineyard Leaping Hare Restaurant Suffolk

Leaping Hare Restaurant, Wyken

The Lunch

Specialising in local produce, the restaurant has now been mentioned for the 16th consecutive year in the Good Food Guides, and was the winner of its award for “Reader’s Restaurant of the year for the East of England”. The quality of the cuisine is not to be scoffed at.

Of course, we could not enjoy the local food without the complement of a local British wine. A bottle of the vineyard’s Wyken Pink rosé wine was our choice- a delightful sparkling British wine. Upon its arrival, however, our attention was immediately ensnared by the label, which was dominated by the Picasso-esque depiction of a reclining naked woman.

Wyken Pink English Rose Wine

Sparkling British Wine

The taste of this quintessentially British wine was, as expected, a lovely accompaniment to our meal, but it was never going to match up to the flamboyance of the label.

The Vineyard

Wyken Vine Rows

Vines at Wyken

After lunch, a stroll around the vineyard was a long-awaited necessity. Originally planted over 25 years ago, it is here that the vines of the award-winning Wyken Bacchus wine ,winner of the East Anglian Wine of the Year award in 2009, are tended. Amongst the many vines are the grapes of their signature sparkling wine, Wyken Moonshine; we could not leave without purchasing a few bottles.

Overall it was an enjoyable day out with good food and wine, and idyllic strolls around captivating and historic grounds. What is there not to like? We couldn’t even resist a few cheeky purchases from the impressive gift shop. It is certainly worth a look.

Wyken Moonshine English Sparkling Wine

Wyken Moonshine English Sparkling Wine-imaginative display for empties!

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