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NY Valentines Day Ideas for Him or Her

Valentines Day ideas for your him or her? If you are living or visiting New York you need to plan in advance. New York, New York as if just being in this fine city on Valentines’ day is not enough of a moment to savour. But no, a Big Apple Valentines day idea needs thought and effort to ensure it is a very special, memorable moment. The stakes are high and the challenge is on for the most romantic day of the year – February 14th.  WineWeaver are here to help give you Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate in the Big Apple. You are off to a good start as the apple is red and reminds us of a big heart and in fact New York is closely associated with the images of love- think John Lennon and Yoko Ono two of New York’s most famous lovers.

Wine for Valentine Day Ideas

One great Valentines Day gift for him or her is wine. Are not Paris, Florence, Rome and New York images which spring to mind when thinking of romantic places?Do they not all have wonderful wine in common? It is no mistake that the French and Italians come top of the romance list. Yes, they had the jump on us with ancient vines and wine to treasure in vast underground cellars. And yes, they do drink champagne and sparkling wines but they would go onto drink a good red or white wine with their dinner. Wine makes a perfect Valentines Day idea for him or her as we all love the romance and sophistication associated with wine.

 Viva la différence

Viva la difference- taste the difference

Have no fear as when it comes to finding that special bottle as a different Valentines day idea, we know New York has fabulous wine stores like Burgundy Wine Company on 143 W 26th St, New York, NY10001 where of course, you are sure to find some of the best French burgundies to be found in New York as well as other fine wines.  Continuing with the French theme, you might also want to check out the French Wine Shop, 4666 Boston Post Rd, Pelham, NY 10803 or Crush Wine Co on 153 East 57 St (between Lexington and Third Avenue).  If you feel your Valentines Day idea needs to acknowledge a special heritage or holiday and you want something from Germany, Austria, Sicily or California take a peek at Flat Iron Wines & Spirits at 929 Broadway or Frankly Wines in Tribeca which likes to specialise in less well- known names and wines from as far away as Australia. One thing about New Yorkers is that they are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding wine which is local to New York, California, Oregon State or from a different continent – for a valentine’s wine the world is truly your oyster!

Make an impact with your Valentines Day present

Impact and presentation is key to making your Valentine’s Day idea a real success. A fine wine in a romantic setting needs to be properly served. You could choose to re-create a special place – maybe you met on a picnic in the summer so why not set up an indoor picnic? Maybe your love likes the idea of a white table cloth, red candles with tea lights around the room to give a hint of the stars and starlight.

Once you have your wine and setting sorted out you need to turn your thoughts onto the need to letting your wine breathe. Presentation is key to making this of all Valentines Day ideas a true success. Luckily, we love romance so WineWeaver’s wine aerator is silent but effective in instantly opening up the tastes and smells in your wine to help your creation of a wonderful Valentine idea. It also makes a fantastic visual impression whilst it instantly improves your wine.

If you are not sure why you should let your wine breathe, remember that wine has been cooped-up in a bottle, if it is from Europe we are talking years. So, when you open it don’t be unreasonable, you need to give it a little help to show its best that is why we invented the WineWeaver wine aerator. Those flavors and scents have been bottled to ensure they are not spoilt by air. When the bottle is finally opened the wine needs some help with the aeration to release its full potential. Just watch it move

If you want your choice out of the perfect Valentines Day ideas to work, then preparation is everything and now is the time to buy your wine aerator to ensure the perfect moment is complimented by a little sophistication in the serving of the wine. The beauty of WineWeaver is that it comes in a selection of colors so it is a great techy Valentines day ideas for him.

Cry Red wine aerator with iPadTechy Valentine's Day Gift ideas for him or her - WineWeaver wine aerator

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