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Valentine’s Day Ideas are often hard to come by partly because there is the pressure to try and impress the love of your life or someone you want to be the center of your life.  The team at WineWeaver have been wondering how people in Austin, Texas might celebrate such a night or what Valentine’s gifts might be unusual with a wow factor.

2016 Events as Valentine’s Day Ideas

Bob Schneider Moonlight Orchestra Valentines Day Ideas Austin Texas TXPerhaps a very special Valentine evening with Bob Schneider & the Moonlight Orchestra live at the Moody Theatre  310 Willie Nelson Blvd, Austin TX78701.

Then again, how about a drive-in movie at Blue Starlite, described by Conde Nast as one of the “Coolest Outdoor Movie Theatres in the World” you can find them at 1901 E.51 St, Austin, TX. What’s playing for Valentines night at the Blue Starlite? A true classic staring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in “The African Queen”. What a movie that was, ground breaking in its time and a classic today. So why not capture a moment from Hollywood’s romantic past and pack a delicious hamper in the boot.

If that isn’t exciting enough for you, you might like to catch ‘A Valentine’s Menage a Trois’ over the Valentine’s weekend at Austin’s renowned Marchesa Hall and Theatre.  This must-see burlesque event features aerial stunts and a throng of national and local Texas talent.

It seems it’s all happening in Austin on the romance front for a super Valentine’s day!

Gifts for Valentine’s Day Ideas

Of course, there is the idea of roses and chocolates both of which are lovely and can be found locally to your home or work place or even online. But remember, in the case of roses think long stem and for chocolate go artisan.

We think a special night deserves a special memento, perhaps something others don’t have and so our thoughts for a Valentine’s Day idea naturally turned to wine. Wine has a romantic image all of its own, just think of Paris and the French or Florence and the Italians for an image of true lovers.  Both of the images conjure up food and wine.

That’s where we come into play, our French Master Sommelier knows that WineWeaver’s aeration will instantly improve your wine experience by improving the taste and scents within the wine. Like true love, wine when it is released from the bottle, relaxes and starts to release subtle nuances – so the idea is to let it breathe with beauty.  WineWeaver was designed to let wine breathe naturally, gently and with an air of sophistication.

Classic Red WineWeaver Wine Aerator on a Single Glass and as a Wine Funnel with DecanterThe love of your life is modern, chic with a technological bias (electronics are a clear indicator of this, who would dare leave home without the mobile phone) so the WineWeaver is designed to cater for the need to let wine breathe without noise (not so romantic) or fuss (you don’t want the gift to compete with you). Take a puppy for example, give the love of your life a puppy and how much attention do you really think you will get on this night of lovers and romance?

Presentation is everything on Valentine’s

crystalline blue wineweaver wine aerator presentationIn a nutshell, whether it is dinner for two at the Odd Duck on Lamar Blvd or your favorite venue close to home, we know the addition of a little wine will add an additional touch of romance and will make a splendid memento of your Valentine’s evening this year.

If you have wine you will need instant and beautifully presented aeration.  The WineWeaver team has given this a great deal of thought, why wouldn’t we, as we love aerated wine – red or white – and red roses. WineWeaver comes in a romantic red and elegant black as well as purple, green and blue. The choice of color will depend on the person you are giving it to and we will leave that choice to you – after all you are the one that knows them intimately. You can buy a wine aerator as a gift or choose from WineWeaver’s gift range online.

Make your Valentine’s day one to remember for decades to come and ensure the wine is perfectly served and a moment to remember.

>>Why not ready our previous article to learn more about the how and why of letting wine breathe.

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