Valentine’s Day Idea- Four course dinner and wine you can do it

Classic red WineWeaver wine aerator with box for wine and red rose for romance

Valentines Day gift ideas

A Valentine’s Day dinner at home may not be top of the list as a special Valentine’s Day idea for boyfriend (or a girlfriend) but remember it is a chance to excel in the kitchen and wow your lover with wine. With a little thought and planning you can prepare a unique, personal Valentines day idea in advance so on the night you will serve with the ease of a professional.

Your unique Valentine’s day idea for him could be a fabulous four course meal served with sophistication and a fine wine or two.  We will show you how to do it and look like a real sommelier.

Do I Need Wine for a special Valentines Day

Yes, think French, Spanish or Italian the lands of love and passion.  Is it a coincidence that they are also the lands of some of the finest wine in the world.  I say not.  So, it is a good idea to purchase wine in advance because it doesn’t leave it to chance that your Valentine’s Day guest will remember to bring red or white instead of beer and soda.

Wine Blog - tasting notes on Brunello di Montalcino 2007You will also be able to ensure that the wine is paired to suit your memorable Valentine’s Day menu. Generally speaking, if you decide on a red meat dish such as the beef bourguignon, a red wine will be a good match for the full flavors of the dish. As it is the day of romance we couldn’t help but choose the ‘Love Birds’ wine by Brunello di Montalcino.

If you have a fish or a lighter main course, a white wine traditionally speaking a white wine is best suited. But you could choose a rosé for romance. Why not consider a light, sparkling white which you can serve when your Valentine’s Day beau arrives for dinner and is busy opening the Valentine’s Day gift (and yes, we have an idea for this too as this is to be an exceptional Valentine’s Day gift idea). You can continue to serve the white sparkling wine or champagne with the fish course before moving onto the red wine for the meat and cheese course.

Don’t be afraid to ask your local wine store expert if you are concerned about finding the best wine to pair with a meal. They can help you with suggestions suitable to your price bracket and menu choices.  Organise your menu before visiting the wine store.  You can also read about various tips and ideas from our French sommelier, Christopher Delalonde M.S.

Valentines Day Idea- How to serve wine like a professional

Our Valentines Day ideas give you an opportunity to make an amazing impact and arrange an exceptional Valentine’s day gift.

Riedel Vinum Glasses with corkscrew in Classic Gift Box 2

Preparation- remember the corkscrew

What we are planning here is a personal four course dinner with wonderful wine.  It is all in the planning.  We are now talking about serving the wine as it has been held inert in the bottle waiting for you and your love to open it.  Simply put, you need to instantly release the wines taste because this is not the night to wait for it to sit and aerate.

As an aside, why aerate wine? The simple answer is to improve the flavours and taste of the wine. The WineWeaver sits on your glass and opens the bouquet of the wine, reduces the impact of the tannins as you pour into the glass. Remove the WineWeaver and drink. Easy, romantic and better tasting wine.

Black Velvet WineWeaver on a glass with red wine aerating

Black Velvet WineWeaver Aerator for Wine

As you progress through your evening you will find the WineWeaver aerator is designed to be used at the table and is perfect for pouring wine directly through the aerator into the glass- no mess, no fuss just visual impact and results.

Not only do you get a fabulous wine experience but you have also purchased a unique Valentines day gift for him or her.

In response to the question, do I need wine? The answer is certainly yes, it will add to your meal by complementing the tastes, give you the feeling of an evening of sophistication and fine dining. There is nothing quite like wonderfully served wine in the company of a special loved one. How perfect is that for a Valentine’s day idea.

Valentines Day Idea – How to create fine dining experience at home

Choose your romantic theme

Your unique Valentines day idea could be extra special if you base it upon a favourite food or a happy memory of a wonderful evening with your loved one. If you had an amazing date, let’s say at a Chinese restaurant for example. You could create hints of it by adding gold to the red theme and perhaps buying some Fortune Cookies to have fun with at the end of the evening. If you are

Valentines Dinner for two Classic French Style

Wine & Dine: Valentines Dinner Classic French Style

feeling bolder why not check out the internet for a Chinese party pack or buy a little monkey for the table (it is the year of the Monkey). You can take the same principles for Italian, French or Creole themes. The romance of a creative Valentine’s Days can take you anywhere in the world with just a little planning.

Easy Planning

On the theme of food and dining at Valentine’s, there is no need to stick to convention these days. You could do a mixture of buy-in and cook idea, for example why not make the starter and desert but have the main course delivered (if cooking is not really your thing as the main idea for a successful Valentine’s dinner is to create a relaxed, loving atmosphere.

If you are uncertain on this concept of ‘buy-in and cook’, we now have so much really good ready prepared dinners, including restaurant food which can be delivered or bought as a take-away.

And, I can tell you that Parisian women are not shy in seeking out the best shop for pastries, chicken dishes, potato dishes or deserts and chocolates. The women of Paris are smart, they find and serve the best food but it doesn’t mean they have been sweating in the kitchen to do it. Imagine, Chanel or Louboutin in a hot kitchen with butter and steam- I think not!

Love cooking- keep it simple

However, if you want and are a great cook then home cooked food is wonderful as a great valentines day ideas. My top-tip to stay cool and in control on the night is to choose a cold starter that can be prepared in advance. Naturally oysters spring to mind on Valentines but you could serve smoked salmon or gravalax. Take some time to present it all beautifully on the plate and then cling film it and place it in the fridge.  Make sure you pick artisan brown bread to serve with it.

Valentine’s ideas need to be simple to execute. So think about a main course which can sit in the oven and not be ruined, something like Beef Bourguignon or beef stew and light, fluffy dumplings. I know, those dumplings sound hard and fussy but trust me they are easy to make.

WineWeaver wine aerator working with cheese and wine background

Professionals aerate wine

Just prepare the dumplings in advance and cling film the little balls (make sure they are little balls as they grow in the oven). If you don’t like beef, you can do something similar with chicken or fish.  Add some new potatoes and vegetables and you have a delightful main course all done in advance and served with skill.

The final part of executing a super and unique Valentines day idea is to make the meal seem gourmet and to do this be a little French or English for your Valentine’s Day dinner. The French and English love a good Cheese board. I mention both as the French serve cheese and then desert and the English serve pudding and then cheese. So have fun on this special Valentines day idea for him and add a twist by asking if he wants his cheese French or English style.

Valentines Day –cheese board

To make cheese a course of its own you need to plan a mixture of soft and hard cheeses, mild and blue cheese all served with some well-chosen artisan biscuits. For some extra romance why not check out our twitter feed for heart shaped cheeses like a Coeur de Neufchatel or Heart-shaped brie. Why not break the mold and consider a chardonnay for your cheese board wine, like the A to Z Wineworks from Oregon.

Raspberry chocolate by Amelia Rope

Raspberry chocolate


Finally, select your desert and remember if the food is rich, choose a plain and simple desert perhaps a lemon tart with vanilla ice-cream and berries on the side. The combination of yellow, cream and dark raspberry or blueberry is divine on the eyes, easy on the tummy and simple to serve. Not forgetting the night is about the two of you and not the kitchen.



WineWeaver wine aerator with Ameila Rope truffles and gift bag

Valentines gift idea

Perfect Valentines day idea- the finale

Finally, I should mention that we feel that wine and chocolates are a special lovers treat so we have some artisan chocolates from chocolatier Amelia Rope combined with a WineWeaver as a perfect Valentines Day idea for him, for her or even for you both as a couple.

See how easy it is for you to organize a unique Valentine’s Day idea in the relaxing setting of your own home. Just a little planning goes a long, long way towards perfection. Make your partner feel special by organizing your valentines day idea -start now with the gift.


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