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Adjust The Wine Aerator Spout

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A WineWeaver® allows you to adjust the wine aerator spout

Adjust the wine aerator spout on your WineWeaver® to allow it’s use with a single glass or with a decanter. Adjusting the central aeration spout of your WineWeaver® wine aerator is fairly simple. All you have to do, before placing the wine aerator on your glassware is to pull the spout upwards for glass settings or push the spout downwards which is more suited to decanters.

When extending the spout downwards, please make sure not to extend it past the marker points found on either side of the spout.


adjust the wine aerator spout

If, when you adjust the wine aerator spout, you accidentally extended the spout past the marker points, this may cause the aeration spout to become jammed. If this happens, follow the tips below to help you dislodge your WineWeaver® spout.

How to adjust the wine aerator spout if it is jammed:

WineWeaver® is manufactured under extremely high injection moulding pressure as to render them highly durable and very robust, so please do not feel you have to be too cautious when handling it. As such, if you cannot move the Wine Weaver spout, you might like to try freeing the spout by pulling and twisting the spout simultaneously. Alternatively, try placing your WineWeaver® with the spout bottom end against a flat surface, and pushing the body downwards to try and free it.

Pushing the spout down too far within the WineWeaver® body (past the marker points)  may have caused undue stress or damage to the small o-ring contained within the base of the body (which allows for a smooth spout adjustment) and this might become dis-lodged in trying to free the spout. If this should happen, the o-ring is quite easily re-inserted or can be easily replaced if damaged. Just let us know and we can arrange for a replacement.

Do I really need to un-jam the spout?

The movement of the spout allows you to adjust the exit path of the wine to take advantage of the shape and size of the glassware you are using in an integral part of the aeration process. It might be that if the spout remains past the fully extended position that the exiting wine does not hit full curve of your glass and the exit holes may end up becoming immersed in the poured wine before your glass has been fully poured (which will inhibit the wine aeration process). As such, we would definitely recommend freeing the aeration spout to receive the best performance from your WineWeaver®.

If you have any further questions in relation to your WineWeaver® wine aerator, we’d love to hear from you.

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