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Ultimate Wine Aerator by WineWeaver

ultimate wine aerator

WineWeaver® – The Ultimate Wine Aerator

Both stylish and practical, WineWeaver® is the ultimate wine aerator offering a unique wine aeration system that gently maximises a wine’s potential in order to expose and release the full flavour and bouquet of each glass of wine, every time.

WineWeaver® wine aerator’s patented and multi-faceted design allows naturally aerated wine to be served directly into individual wine glasses and decanters.

No more waiting for a wine to breathe…

Simply pour your wine through the WineWeaver® wine aerator to instantly unlock the hidden flavours and aromas in your wine. No more waiting to let your wine breathe, WineWeaver® really is the ultimate wine aerator and is ideal for enjoying red or white wine using both wine glasses and decanters.

Unique, versatile, the ultimate wine aerator:

WineWeaver® delivers perfectly aerated wine direct from the bottle to your glass and allows you to instantly enjoy each and every wine in optimum drinking condition.

•  Adjust the spout to your glass size or decanter
•  Super-lightweight design sits safely on fine-rimmed glassware
•  Smooth and natural process reduces the risk of ‘wineshock’
•  Exterior fins offer hands-free stability and increased airflow
•  Perfect for reviving vacuumed and re-sealed bottles
•  Filters sediment and cork
•  Includes stylish non-drip stand
•  Dishwasher safe 


The WineWeaver Team are on a Wine Tasting working holiday. You may still order BUT the order will not be processed or dispatched until 03 Jan 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Dismiss

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