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Top rated corkscrew - Murano from WineWeaver StoreAvailable in our WineWeaver online store is the Murano corkscrew from Waiter’s Friend.

These tactile two-tone corkscrews simply define professional wine bottle opening. Having a silky smooth double-lift action (the preferred method by Sommelier’s the world over) and a comfortable soft rubber grip in a variety of translucent colours, it’s difficult to find a better corkscrew!

In addition, the cork extraction worm is Teflon coated and the serrated blade is self-sharpening. What more could you want from a corkscrew?

If you’re not familiar with Waiters Friend, their crokscrews have been described by the Wine Investment section in the Financial Times as “world leaders in quality corkscrews” – and their Murano Corkscrew is no different in excellence. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

The Independent newspaper even listed the Murano as a top rated corkscrew by placing it within their best buy list of Top Ten Corkscrews.

If you would like to buy a Murano Corkscrew, we have a variety of translucent colours available in our WineWeaver Store online, complementary to our range of WineWeaver Wine Aerators.

The Murano Corkscrew range is available from us in the following colours – Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, Bottle Green and Emperor Purple and priced at only £5.99 each, you simply can’t get better. All are available for delivery to any destination Worldwide.

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