Delight in the most recent escapades of our Resident Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde, in the Sommelier’s Corner Wine Blog…

“A friend of mine has recently opened a restaurant in the Chelsea/Fulham area and it is my pleasure to visit it to enjoy great company, wine and food. It is so good that I am quite often there!

My last visit was to entertain a great Spanish friend of mine who is also a sommelier. As he was crowned best sommelier in Spain (2008), you may imagine I had to cover a few angles.

Digging into my collection, I decided – quite proudly – to be adventurous and try out a producer that I usually do not follow: Perrot-Minot. Sommelier to sommelier led me to going a bit overboard and so I picked a Chambertin 2006 from Perrot-Minot!

Anyway, it went from bad to worst! Despite opening the bottle 3 hours earlier and decanting it (something of which I am not a great fan of!) the wine was still just lacking the depth and volume expected from its rank!

Three hours and still, its potential was nowhere to be seen!  Embarrassed, sad; but also thirsty, I turn to Clement in search of a safety net.

Clement-the restaurant’s house sommelier and a friend- comes to the rescue with his WineWeaver which I had previously given to him as a gift. Clement has created a balanced and eclectic wine list. It contains some interesting younger wines for which the WineWeaver wine aeration process is miraculous.

We quickly combine our skills and run through some ideas. Remember I wish to provide a treat for my esteemed guest, as well as enjoy a decent glass of plonk myself! Our final choice is Cornas Reynard 2005, Thierry Allemand.

I know the wines well and love them. The youth of the wine was the big question mark, especially given the performance of the last choice of wine. However, with the opportunity to use the WineWeaver to give it some additional aeration I decided to go for it.

What a relief!  At last it all came together with punch and eloquence! Black, ripe dark fruit with berries, sweet spices, savoury notes with smoke and black olives notes dominating the nose. A rich, dense and textured palate with a sense of the same flavours profile that the nose hinted towards.  Added to which there were lots of mineral, spices giving a balanced wine with a real sense of stony acidity. Well framed with ripe but present tannins and to think it is only 6 years old!

We were both very pleased, the second choice of wine was over-whelming the first one and my friend was over-the-moon! Once again, the simple but effective wine aeration process of the WineWeaver presented the wine at its best to delight the drinker.”


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