Grand National 2012Gather together with friends and family to celebrate this year’s Grand National in style. Throw the ultimate party, BBQ or picnic and run a sweepstake to ensure the festvities get well under way… 

Grab some food and wine in – along with your trusty WineWeaver aerator – and consider hosting the perfect Grand National Party at home.

And, if you plan on holding a sweepstake…

Simply print out our Grand National 2012 Sweepstake Kit and cut the names into individual pieces. Place all the names folded up into a hat ready to draw at random ahead of the big race.

You can charge as much or as little for drawing names from the hat at random, just make sure that once your party members draw names that you don’t forget to write down who drew which horse to save arguments later – especially if the wine has been flowing!

Make sure to sell all of the horses. If you have some left after everyone has brought a horse see if anyone wants another.

During the day in the build up to the big race, don’t forget to have the nibbles on hand and add to the celebratory atmosphere by aerating your wine with your WineWeaver wine aerator!

Once the race is over and the winner crowned, you can split the winnings however you wish, but make sure all the money is paid out in prizes. Suggestion on the winning splits could be 1st place=55 per cent; 2nd=30 per cent; 3rd=10 per cent; 4th=5 per cent.

Sadly, not everyone’s horse will perform as hoped – but at least by celebrating with your WineWeaver you’ll ensure wine you enjoy shows its full potential!

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Don’t forget to print your Grand National 2012 Sweepstake Kit .

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