Entertaining makes you often cross logic boundaries in order to provoke or amuse people, but please them anyway!

I got a call from a French friend of mine that was around the city for a couple of days only. Last time we saw each other, he looked after a little group of us, showcasing some of his “natural wine wonders”!

I am not really drawn by those expressions, as – as much that they have lots of characters and personality – they often are not precise enough nor the archetype of the region or the variety. But I’m always happy to be proven wrong!

So, I wanted to get something with all those attributes as well as a grower that I know- looks after his vineyard and is passionate about his terroirs too. Finally a grape variety that can be articulated as well as a little bit Aristocratic-sometimes!

We were going to be 3, so my ideas went to a magnum of Barolo serralunga del falleto 1998 from Bruno Giacosa.

About 2 hours prior to catching up; I am told it is going to be only the 2 of us… Perfect!

As you may know the rule of magnum: perfect for 2 persons as long as the other one does not drink!! I knew I’d have to share, but I am generous!

I had – once again – done nothing on that bottle, just carried it carefully from A to B.

So we opened the monster and rather against all expectations, it was rather supple and approachable, but clearly had more to offer on the mid palate – Hopefully, shall I say!

So, we got the WineWeaver out again, this time was not for the tannic structure but simply to offer more depth and breadth to a stunning cuvee. We decided to go only half way to see what time would do on its own too. Pleasure and work combined perfectly!

As expected after pouring into a decanter through the large bowl of my WineWeaver, the flavours started to fill the air. On the palate, the wonder of the Wine Weaver has worked and now the real calibre of the wine was on show; with sweet ripe plums, leather, truffles, wet earth and more savoury-sweet fruit basis. The palate had gained on weight and texture too with more complex outcome and longer finish on all those primary aromas. We tasted the second part of the magnum later on – once we had absorbed the magic, paired with roasted grouse- exceptional! We did have the second part WineWeaver’d as well…

Christopher Delalonde, Master Sommelier, 2012

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