The world’s most widely planted wine grapes: No. 5 – Syrah or Shiraz

The final grape in our Top 5 red wine grapes of 2014, is Syrah otherwise known in the New World as Shiraz .

Syrah – 170,000 hectares

The final grape variety of our series is the beautiful, Syrah – also known as Shiraz. A dark skinned grape variety with mystery surrounding its origin, it is known that it is the child of the extinct Dureza and the Mondeuse Blanche, but its true country or even continent of origin is still in repute.

Vent Del Mar Garnacha Negra Syrah WineViniculture in moderate climates produces a medium to full bodied wine, with medium to high tannins accompanied by flavours of blackberry, mint and black pepper. Hot weather creates a wine with jammier and spicier notes of liquorice, anise and earthy leather. Whatever the climate the punchy start and the spicy end note have become characteristic of Syrah, with a nose of espresso, chocolate and dark berries recognised by many.

It is cultivated all over the world in France, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, America and Australia. Whilst it is predominantly used as a varietal, it partners with Cabernet Sauvignon very well and combines with Mourverde to make the classic Côte du Rhone.

High Street Syrah Blend findVent del Mar Garnacha Negra Syrah, Terra Alta, Bodegas Abanico at £11.99 from Laithwaites. This wine is an intense and spicy Garnacha-Syrah from the Spanish region of Terra Alta.

We will leave you now with thanks for joining us, as we’ve taken you through the five most widely planted grapes. Try them all and let us know your favourite.

Happy tasting and keep it responsible.

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