Get ready for Summer!

With the sunshine months comes the promise of dining al fresco at picnics and barbecues. There’s nothing that can quite beat relaxing in the great outdoors with the grass or sand beneath your feet and a delicious glass of your favourite wine to sip in hand.

Whether you’ll be drinking a delicious rose wine, a crisp and cooling white wine or a fruity and rounded red wine, why not be well and truly prepared to enjoy your wines at their best.  This Summer WineWeaver are offering you the chance to buy two of our top rated wine aerators at a Summer Special Offer discount, savings you money on the normal retail price.

Particularly popular for the sunshine months, our Classic Green WineWeaver teams well with crisp and delicious white wines being poured through it, whilst our Crystalline Blue WineWeaver works wonders with a full-bodied red or two.

Whichever wine you choose to use with them, both wine aerators are suited to red and white wine aeration and our special offer allows you to be the proud owner of both these fantastic colour ranges!

Our WineWeaver aerators are lightweight and incredibly durable making them the perfect picnicking accessory and means you can still enjoy your wine in the best aerated condition wherever you are.

To purchase our Summer Duo Multibuy Special Offer, simply click here to purchase in GBP or in USD.

WineWeaver Special Offer 2014

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