What could be more refreshing than Chilled White Wines in the Summer

Summer wines are often best enjoyed chilled, with a crisp white wine or chilled rose often complementing those classic summertime foods and are thirst-quenching in the heat of the summer.

SummerWith Summer on the horizon, many of us will be looking forward to relaxing with a chilled glass of white or rosé in the summer sun. Parties in the summer often include grilled or barbecued food and fresh fruit and salad that pair particularly well with a refreshing, chilled glass or two.

Now, warmer weather can often pose a tricky challenge – how to keep your wine cool, without over-chilling it? – but we have a solution. When you’re next picnicking or dining al fresco, why not use your WineWeaver to chill your wine as your pour?

Chilled White Wine using best white wine aerator from WineWeaver in Classic GreenAs Eric Asimov, NY Times wine critic and author of How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto has championed:

drinking overchilled white wine — good white wine — deprives one of fully enjoying the complex aromas and delicious flavors in the glass. Eric Asimov NY Times

Not only will filling up your WineWeaver with ice chips help to cool your wine as it pours without over-chilling it, but the WineWeaver will also work its aerating magic by enhancing the flavours and aromas present in your wine.

So, what better accessory for the Summer than your WineWeaver? The perfect white wine aerator!

WineWeaver Top Tip: Add ice to the bowl of your WineWeaver and pour for a instantly cool refreshing summer drink!

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