Dreaming of Summer Sun and July 4th Party Ideas

We’re so glad that the Summer Party Season is finally here! If you’re wondering how to throw a special and memorable summer party then look no further as we have some fabulous summer entertaining tips for celebrating Independence Day.

Choose a summer theme like a beach theme for the party. You could buy some beach balls, striped napkins and pinwheels for table decorations and add a bucket and spade, which could double up as an ice-bucket to keep the drinks cool or to hold vast amounts of nachos.

WineWeaver Aerator July 4th Party IdeasIndependence Day is the patriotic holiday to trump all others – full of stars, stripes, fireworks and barbecues: Time-honored tradition and enjoyment, which definitely calls for the red, white and blue decorations. With this in mind and in the spirit of being patriotic and unique, especially for summertime table accessories, the WineWeaver team have made available our special edition ‘Liberty’ WineWeaver wine aerator. No prizes for guessing it has a hint of red, white and blue and is sure to delight guests.

The WineWeaver wine aerator, is the perfect wine accessory, helping to aerate wine being poured through it in an instant, enhancing flavors and aromas for greater wine enjoyment. It works so well that the WineWeaver was even voted the “best wine aerator” by top sommelier Christopher Delalonde MS.

The special edition WineWeaver Liberty comes complete with a crystal clear chalice, red stand and blue honeycomb spout – echoing the white stars on the star-spangled banner – and in addition includes a free unique glass and silver-plated wine charm.

What’s so wonderful about wine charms are that they allow your wine glass to be easily identified amongst all the others at an Independence Day celebration. You can easily attach them to the stem of your wine glass and they really help to set your glass, and party, apart.

The visual impact of pouring a glass of wine through the WineWeaver wine aerator is sure to present any red or white wine in a memorable way – but be careful that the guests aren’t too mesmerised and let the wine over flow!

Happy July 4th everyone!

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