Tatou 2009 by the Seresin Vineyard- Wine Tasting Notes

Today we are writing a wine review on Seresin’s wine a Pinot Noir under the label  Tatou. We chose the Tatou 2009, a wine which is made in the Seresin Winery of Malborough, New Zealand. What has this to do with Mid-Night Express, Harry Potter and more laterly Planet of the Apes movies? Keen wine enthusiast Michael Seresin who has an artistic eye and a gift for working on some very fine films has also engaged in making new world wines. He strives for perfection and has his own vineyard in New Zealand- Seresin.

Tatou Pinot Noir form the Seresin vineyardThe Wine Label

The wine label itself  is worth a moment or two as it reflects the hand print on the sentinel stone which stands at the entrance to the Seresin vineyard and is, in the words of the vineyard, ‘symbolic of the individual and creative endeavour’ used in the making of the wine.  The hand represents a visual and memorable symbol and appropriately reflects the visual career of Michael Seresin, a man who has risen from freelance camera assistant to a director of photography and who has enjoyed working on films from “Midnight Express” to “Harry Potter- The Prisoner of Azkaban”.

Michael has engaged Clive Dougall as the winemaker for the Seresin Vineyard, who we are delighted to say has a link back to England as it was in England, that Clive developed his passion for wine before moving to New Zealand in 1999 and joining the Seresin Vineyard in 2006.  The wine itself gives us a natural juicy and softness combined with an acid structure that maintains the freshness on the palate- making it ideally suited as a late summer wine.

The GeographyLocation of the Seresin Vineyard

The Seresin Vineyard is located at the northeast end of the South Island where the weather is temperate. The Wairau River winds its way to the sea through the valley floor. Marlborough has risen from producing wine in the early 1970’s to accounting for more than 60% of New Zealand’s wine.

The Seresin vineyard is central to the Wairau Valley and has been certified as both an organic and bio-dynamic covering 45 hectares of alluvial plain. The Tatou cuvee, which is a relatively recent import to the UK, encompasses a great quality of fruit from a single vineyard orientation. The Pinot Noir grapes are hand-picked and manually de-stemmed. During the wine making process the grapes spend about four weeks in contact with the grape skins before spending some fifteen months naturally maturing in French barriques. Finally the wine is bottled unfiltered and labelled with the ‘Seresin hand’.

Wine Tasting Notes

The Seresin Vineyard wine we tasted was a deep ruby colour and within its core. There was a high viscosity running on the wall of the glass and we note the wine has a 14% alcohol content. It opened and had a bright nose of fresh red fruit and berries, crushed red currant and spices. Some of the minerals came through with undertones of wet earth notes and underbrush.

The palate was concentrated around ripe red stone fruits, berries, plums and again those hints of spices and a touch of savouriness. The wine was dense and weighty on the mid-palate but toned by a superb natural acid structure. It is soft and gentle with real forward fruit expression and a delightful juiciness. Finally, there is a punchy finish on primary aromas and spices from oak.

All in all, a real treat of a Pinot Noir with elegance and a unique personality!

Useful Wine Accessories

If you open a bottle now, don’t forget to use your WineWeaver aerator as you pour your tasting glass. You might also find one of the many wine bottle sealing products a useful addition as it means you won’t have to have a rushed wine tasting experience- just save it for when you are ready for the second glass.

For those who might want to lay a bottle or two down for future consumption and wine-tasting adventures, it can be held for up to 10 years and it would be fun to compare this tasting with another in the future so don’t forget to keep your wine-tasting notes safe.

Have fun tasting and let us have some of your tasting notes and thoughts. Everyone can write a note or two, it is just your own opinion of what you think and can taste. So we would love to hear from you. If you have been to the Sersin Vineyard or are intending to go, please let us know so we can feature your journey on WineWeaver.com!


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