The Christening of George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, and a future 21st birthday

What to buy a future king for a christening gift?  Now there is a challenge for the lucky god-parents and guests to the next big royal family event.Royal Baby

For the future king it is possible to think ahead to his 21st birthday. Wine is a wonderful gift to lay down for the future, but planning the cuvees that will still be on top form, well, that  is rather challenging, especially as it is a question of taste or in this case, exceptionally good taste.

Of course, we are all impatient to find out about how the Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone regions perform this year. So far the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions have suffered flowering issues, which gives rise to a reduced crop. I can report the Rhone region was not impacted and is thus fine. Quality wise it is too early to know how each of the regions will develop, so I will give you an update later in the year.

Christening Gift Wines of the moment:

So looking at top wines with great vintages to support the structure to age, I turned to:  

Bordeaux and specifically the ‘05 and ‘06 as well as the ‘09 and ’10. 2011 is also a possibility, if you like the extra dimension of ripeness and alcohol.

I would be more focused on the left bank for the choice, however some top St. Emilion, Pomerol or even Graves will deliver brilliantly.  Other wines to consider are Chateau Angelus; Eglise Clinet & Haut Bailly.

Having considered a Burgundy, the ‘05, ‘08, ‘09 and 2010 sprang to mind. These wines will definitely hold for that length of time (21 years); and if you buy 1er Cru sites and Grands Crus you will be provided with top expressions.

Not wishing to be confined to France, I also though there were some interesting wines from Tuscany with the years‘07 ,‘09 and 2010 being of particular interest.  Bolgheri and Maremma sub-regions within Tuscany give rise to so much ripeness and dimension that they are worth adding to the list.

Who could resist looking at a wine from the Piedmont region! Consider the legendary 2004 vintage that will surpass any other given vintage within the region.  It is also likely the 2008 will follow on brilliantly and deliver for longs years to come.

Last and not least, births, christenings and coming of age, cannot be considered without turning to Champagne.  2002, ‘04 and ‘06 (note the ’06 has not been released yet) are the vintages that will flourish with time. Choose a big brand or a good grower and you are on for a treat!

As you know, port is also well loved by the British and 2011 is one of the rare vintages on offer for port and may well prove to be amongst the greatest!

Congratulations to the Royal couple and happy hunting for that special Royal Christening present.


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