Master Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde Discusses Restaurants and Wine Aeration – “Since re-joining the restaurant scene, I find I am not just exposed to even greater wines but to even more diversity of palate. There seems to be no end of wines to seduce and please me!

Having sorted out the economic and dynamics of a wine list for a newly opened business, I find my daily challenge is now to focus on creating and adding to the varieties of the wines on offer to our clientele.  The basic reality of this side of the business relates to the two main families of wine which are produced in the modern world. In essence, there are those wines which are easily accessible (juicy with a good balance) which give a simple and direct reward to the drinker.

In the second ‘family group’, you find the great world cuvees, which need more time (more on that subject another day) and those wines that seem ‘almost ready’. The latter wines are just tight or reduced. A syrah, for example, can show characters with metallic/farm yard overtones which takeover the nose and palate. These wines need exposure to air to soften them and release their potential.

We have seen in the past 10 years a continuity of growth and development of great vintages from various regions of the world. Each has their own identity grape-wise and style-wise and people like you and me want to drink and enjoy these new world wines.

Enter the WineWeaver wine aerator, which in my view, should be as much as a part of your toolkit as the simple (but not to be under-rated) wine glass. New world wines need that extra boost on opening from a wine aerator and the process of wine aeration.

In our ever busier and hectic lives being able to open and aerate your wine immediately before drinking has become a necessity and not just a luxury.

Even I, who have a wonderful job with access to so many wines, find wine aerating through the WineWeaver essential. Never has this become more evident than in today’s restaurants, where clients are becoming ever more knowledgeable and demanding on the quality and presentation of their wines.”

Christopher Delalonde, MS

Master Sommelier - Christopher Delalonde




image of wioneweaver wine aerator and travel bag with cork screw

Easy Travel Kit Wine Aerator

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