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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee London 2012

Celebrating the Queen’s 60th year on the throne this year, visitors will be flocking to enjoy the festivities taking place in the UK and in particular, London in 2012.

To celebrate this Diamond Jubilee London 2012, we have assembled a uniquely UK-inspired, special edition WineWeaver Wine Aerator for your enjoyment. This limited edition ‘red, white and blue’ WineWeaver Royale, will be available to buy from the Queen’s actual birthday this year, her 85th – on the 21st April 2012.

So, get out your bunting, wave your Union Jack flags and enjoy your WineWeaver with an at-home Diamond Jubilee celebration or find out what events are on in London, the UK and Worldwide!

To find out about Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Events near you, visit our Diamond Jubilee Celebration Events page.

WineWeaver Royale - Jubilee Special Edition with union jack background_pouring


WineWeaver Royale wine aerator - Jubilee Special Edition London 2012

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