Wine and Chocolate are two of our favourite things – fullstop, but how often do you think about pairing them together?

Desert Moon winery in Englewood, CO held a very popular Wine, Cheese and Chocolate pairing earlier this month on May16th, but for those that didn’t manage to attend, we’ve put together some handy tips for you to enjoy at home.

Now, when pairing wine with chocolate you can really have some fun – you can try pairing similar flavours between the chocolate and the wine together or look for contrasting flavours. There are endless combinations and experimenting to find your favourite pairing is all part of the fun.

WineWeaver – Wine & Chocolate Tasting Tips:

Bittersweet Chocolate (70% – 100% cacao content)

We would suggest pairing the intense flavours in this bittersweet and dark chocolate with red wines that are deliciously rich and stronger in flavour such as Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Shiraz. These stronger red wines will have a more concentrated fruity flavour and once you have poured these through the WineWeaver to reduce some of the higher tannin levels, the pairing with this stronger chocolate will be simply delicious!  (So, save some for us to enjoy too!)

Semi-sweet Chocolate (50% – 70% cacao content)

Again, this slightly darker chocolate will have slightly stronger and more complex flavours that would be best paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon to help bring out the fruity and peppery tones or with a spicy Zinfandel to accent the earthy and spicy notes in the chocolate. (Yum – my favourite!)

Milk Chocolate

Now, we all know that Milk chocolate is much sweeter than the other two above, due to the higher sugar and lower cacao content. These creamier, milkier chocolates will pair well with somewhat sweeter wines too. Try a Rosado or White Zinfandel using your WineWeaver aerator of course to pair delicious sweetened fruity notes with the sweet chocolate. Alternatively, try pairing this chocolate with a scrumptious tawny port – we’ve even tried using port with our WineWeaver and enjoyed tasting the subtle shift in flavours. Why not give it a try yourself!

Wine & Chocolate for a Jubilee Year Celebration!

As many of you will be aware, this year is a special year for all of us over the water in Blighty. HRH Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 60th year on the throne and celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee are plentiful. We ourselves have commissioned a Special Edition WineWeaver – the WineWeaver Royale in celebration and Charbonnel et Walker – fine chocolatiers – have produced a delicious selection of mouthwateringly good chocolates in celebration. Having put together the above tips – what better way to celebrate we say than tasting some delicious wines with fine chocolates!

Bring on the Wine and Chocolate and raise your glass in celebration with us wherever you are! Cheers!

Our Special Diamond Jubilee Edition WineWeaver – the WineWeaver Royale is available to buy from our online store and the Charbonnel et Walker Special Edition Chocolates can be bought here.

Wine and Chocolate - Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with WineWeaver & Charbonnel


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