Celebrity Wine: Vineyards and Hollywood Wine

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be amongst the latest Hollywood stars to buy into the delights of wine. Preceding them is the equally famous, Francis Ford Coppola who has a passion for wine and an eye for an unusual wine label.  With his film director background, Coppola is firmly based in the visual art of story-telling and as you would expect the wine labels of the Francis Coppola Winery are very different from other wine labels. The labels are modern, colourful and full of fun. Will they become the wine collector’s item of the future?  We don’t know.

What we do know is that the art of the wine label is currently developing with bundles of imagination and in recent years there has been a release of several movie related wine labels.  The wine labels belonging to the Silence of the Lambs movie below are, in our opinion, amongst the best. But, hey, if you have a better label to share send it in to contact@wineweaver.com or share it with us on one of our social media platforms.

Drink from a Cannibal’s Wine Bottle

hollywood wines hannibal lecterThe Spring before last, the Alamo Drafthouse winery in Austin, Texas revealed that they had created two signature wine bottles which pay tribute to the 90s horror classic, The Silence of the Lambs.

For anyone familiar with the film, it should draw a wry smile to discover that the red wine is called ‘The Cannibal’ and, in reference to the film, it is the favourite type of wine of Dr Lecter- a Chianti wine from Italy.  The label itself is a scarlet background with a black moth design.  It is a simple but very effective design, which stands out against the darkness of the dark bottle of red wine.

For those not so familiar with the movie, one of many quotable lines from Anthony Hopkins’ take on the psychopathic cannibal Dr. Lecter is – “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” It is a rather self-explanatory quote on the theme and, for keen movie buffs, you may even be able to get your hands on the limited edition ‘Lecter’s Package’, complete with fava beans!

The Wine tasting

As for the wine itself, it is, according to the winery, “a DOCG wine from a vineyard situated between Florence and Sienna. It is a blend of 85% Sangiovese, balanced with smaller contributions of Canaiolo and Malvasia del Chianti. The nose is loaded with dark berry fruit with bass notes of allspice and baked quince. Its mouth feel is medium-bodied and well balanced, with savoury plum and tobacco leaf notes leading to a slight sandalwood finish.

This wine label collection also has a white wine bottle, titled ‘Suit Yourself’. The wine is a Pinot Grigio and the label is a reference to the film’s primary antagonist, Buffalo Bill. Fans of the movie will know what I’m talking about.

The Pinot Grigio is described by the makers as a “2012 vintage with a mixture of fruit from California’s Central Coast and inland vineyards. It offers a lush bouquet of tangerine and orange blossom. The palate starts with a crisp entry and a velvety mouth feel that bursts into flavors of tropical peach and Mexican limes with just a hint of honey, leading to a zesty, citrus-laced finish.

With each bottle priced at $32.00 from www.silenceofthelambswines.com, they are sure to sell quick, however it is the adorning labels, of course, that steal the show.  Both are minimalist and understated, but brilliantly chilling, and that is before you put the white wine in the fridge! Make sure you have a suitable piece of BBQ meat to eat with your glass of ‘The Cannibal’.

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