Spic Tomato Gnocchi paired with Pink Moscato & Merlot winesToday is international Moscato Day! The day in the year dedicated to enjoying this grape and the wines that are produced from it.

To find out more about this international event simply search for the hashtag #MoscatoDay across social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

WineWeaver decided to join in the event by opening and enjoying a delicious Pink Moscato from Barefoot Wines. The Pink Moscato was refreshing and sweet, with soft fruity notes of raspberry and pomegranate.

Whilst, not a Moscato, but equally tasty was the Californian Merlot from Gallo Wines also in the shot. This had more robust flavours of darker fruits with a soft hint of vanilla. Both the sweeter Moscato and the stronger Merlot suited to being paired with the spice flavours in the Spicy Tomato Gnocchi in the pic.

A very enjoyable pairing indeed!

Happy #MoscatoDay 2014 One and All!


Moscato Day Still

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