Medlar Restaurant Chelsea Michelin Star Salmon RecipeThe 2013 Michelin Guide – the absolute authority when it comes to choosing where to eat out – was launched last week after eager anticipation! Whilst the annual list showed that many restaurants retained their Michelin Stars, a few had to turn in their accolades… however, the most exciting of all were the 8 restaurants to be awarded with a Michelin star for the very first time!

Amongst those newcomers to the Michael Star club this year was Medlar restaurant of King’s Road Chelsea, London.

Medlar offers sublime French cuisine from the former head chefs of Chez Bruce – Joe Mercer Nairne and David O’Connor. Having contributed one of Medlar’s wonderful recipes for Medlar’s Rare Grilled Salmon with Sauce Vierge to our Chef’s Blog, WineWeaver would particularly like to offer Joe and David our congratulations on attaining such highly acclaimed praise.

Joe Mercer Nairne, a Leith’s diploma graduate, opened Medlar in 2011 as a joint venture with David O’Connor having both previously worked together under the inspirational Bruce Poole at Chez Bruce. Since opening, Medlar has always been highly praised from both locals and critics alike and it is great to see that their hard work and excellent cuisine has been recognised.

And, it can’t be forgotten that along with their great cuisine, goes a highly acclaimed Wine List from Master Sommelier, Clement Robert. Clement joined Medlar having previously worked at Hotel du Vin and the Summer Lodge Hotel in Evershot and is also the proud Winner of the Young Sommelier of the Year 2010.

Medlar’s Wine List focuses on well-sourced and moderately priced wines, which have been equally showered with praise by the critics. In fact Decanter Magazine praised Clement as being ‘Sommelier savvy’ with

“his wide-ranging, well-balanced, 300bin assemblage, (with two dozen sophisticated choices by the glass or carafe, a batch of drinkable Bordeaux, excellent selections from Alsace and the Loire, and an array of German and Austrain Rieslings) that shows confidence and considerations for the cooking.”

Congratulations again to all at Medlar Restaurant on such a fantastic achievement.

Take a wander over to Chelsea and try out Medlar’s first class cuisine for yourself and for those unable to visit why not try out Medlar’s Recipe for Salmon with Sauce Vierge, Sea Purslane, Oyster Beignet and Herb Mayonnaise, available in our Chef’s Blog.

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