Pinot tasting notes on a wine from Down Under

Pinot Tasting Notes from Mount Mary AustraliaI was recently at a wine tasting  which was dedicated to Pinot wines from ‘Down Under’ (otherwise known as Australia/New Zealand) when I came across a Pinot wine Mount Mary 2008. I thought, to myself, I have found one of Australia’s hidden treasures!

The vineyard of Mount Mary is located in the heart of the Yarra River district, close to the Coldstream, a sub-appellation within the Port Philip enclave in Australia.  This is a region which is famous for producing top rated, cool climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

Mount Mary has the production of fine, drinking wine as a cornerstone objective for the vineyard. However, as a family fun business, it is also possible for them to put very high on the list environmental matters.  On the environmental side the ultimate goal for Mount Mary is to be ‘energy and water efficient’ as well as ‘containing and treating waste products on site’.  In addition to these high targets, the vineyard is also committed to increasing the number of different wildlife and native plant species on the vineyard.

Wine Tasting Notes

Mount Mary 2008 is a fine Pinot Noir new world wine with a deep ruby core with a ruby rim. The alcohol content and viscosity were evident in the thick legs running down the wall of my wine glass.Mount Mary 2008 Pinot Noir Wine - Pinot Tasting Notes

The nose developed and became fresh with crushed red berries, black berries, cranberries, some cherries combined with some savoury notes in addition to the spices from the oak treatment.

The palate of the wine is intense and complex with a fruit forward approach – cherries, stone fruit, red berries, savoury, chocolate define the mid palate.  Some spices, such as cloves and again that smokiness indicating some oak treatment on the wine.

This new world wine is rich and weighty with plenty of earthy flavours and a natural acid structure just highlighting delivery enough to keep the focus.  Mount Mary 2008 is both fleshy and layered, it is very long on primary fruit and spices with also a touch of heat from the vintage inclination.

Lay down or drink?

To be drunk now or waited for another few years according to your personal preference. Consider buying more than one bottle so you can open them years apart and compare tasting notes.

This wine is definitely a style that will please any Pinot lovers.

Chris- October 2013

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