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Labor Day Celebrations 2012 – Celebrate in Style with your WineWeaver at a Wine Event!

To kick start the celebrations leading up to Labor Day on September 3rd  – and for a week afterwards until the 10th September – we’re offering a special discount on our Black Velvet WineWeaver – the newest range of our unique wine aerators for red and white wine.

Make great savings when you buy a Black Velvet WineWeaver wine aerator from 24th August to 10th September with great discount on our usual retail Price.

Was $29.99 Now $24.99

And, if you’re throwing a wine party or visiting friends and family, why not make your WineWeaver part of the celebrations?

Buy Black Velvet WineWeaver at Discount in time for your Labor Day Celebrations!

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For Labor Day Celebrations and Wine Events you can take your WineWeaver aerator to, take a look at our Top Labor Day Wine Event suggestions… giving great suggestions for wine events from Dallas, Texas to Sonoma Valley in California!

Sonoma Valley Wine Event Labor Day


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