Kosher Wine for Rosh Hasana – The Jewish New Year starts 14th September 2015

As you probably know, wine is considered a holy beverage in the Jewish faith and plays an important part in many ceremonies. Whilst it may have been thaKosher Wine Sacramentalt these wines were once known to have a certain sickly sweetness associated with them, a growing number of producers all over the world are providing a greater variety and higher quality of available Kosher Wines.

Growing Popularity of Kosher Wines

We have previously explored some of the most popular French and Californian Kosher wines that are available and that benefit in their enjoyment from the use of a wine aerator (such as WineWeaver).  One of these Kosher wine producers is the Hagafen Vineyard in Napa, California. Hagafen Cellars uses the well-drained soils of the Napa Valley to produce a number of kosher wines based on the concept of hand-selection and small lot releases and has Ernie Wier as the proud wine-maker.

In addition, since the inaugural joint venture production of a Kosher Cabernet Sauvignon in 2012 by the Californian Mitchell Katz Winery and the Chabad of the Tri Valley their kosher Cabernet Sauvignon has proven to be enduringly popular.

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a Kosher Wine in New York!

Kosher Wine Society NYCThe founder of the New York-based Kosher Wine Society (and a firm wine lover), Aron Ritter believes,  Rosh Hashana is the time to give Kosher Wines a try. So why not read on and think about trying out a Kosher Wine this coming week.

Adam Montefiore, the wine development director at Carmel Winery in Israel has also said, “there has been a switch in strategy from exporting mostly sacramental wine to higher quality wines”. More wine-producers are now making kosher grade wines out of premium grapes such as cabernet sauvignon.Kosher Wine Grapes

And to help promote the variety of global Kosher Wines, the NY Kosher Wine Society even hosts a ‘New Wines for the New Year wine tasting event each year, which features wines from around the globe – including wines from Carmel.

With over 800 Kosher Wine Society members in New York, Aron Ritter believes that “people love to come and taste new wines and learn what’s new” and what better time than Rosh Hasana.

Whilst Israel may not have a well known reputation globally for producing wines, it actually has a far-reaching winemaking tradition. Carmel itself produces 100% kosher wines and 15million bottles per annum with a wine making history stretching back to 1882 when it was founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the owner of premier cru Chateau Lafite in Bordeaux.Kosher Wine Bottles

It seems that as the quality of Kosher Wine is increasing, so is the popularity with “non-kosher consumers purchasing kosher wines because they are so good!” as a spokesman for Royal Wines, one of the biggest importers and producers of kosher wines into the US has said.

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Wishing You a Sweet and Happy New Year

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