L’Shanah Tova – Happy New Year

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Finding out more about Kosher Wines

Kosher Wines Society NYCOne of the best sources of information on kosher wine is the Kosher Wine Society of New York.

The KWS regularly holds kosher wine tasting events throughout the year, so if you’re reading this and thinking about giving Kosher Wine a try why not take a look at their events schedule online.

To find out more about Kosher Wines, the KWS have also put together a Kosher Wine App which provides a whole host of useful Kosher Wine information as well as details of Kosher vineyards in California and Israel and even a Kosher Wine Quiz!Kosher Wines App

Other good sources for information is  http://www.kosherwine.com/



Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a Kosher Wine!

Kosher Wine recommendations – what and where to buy

Jewish New Year Kosher Wine Celebrations

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