If you’re gathering together with family and friends over the coming festive season it’s the perfect opportunity for throwing a fantastic wine party…

…‘tis the season to be jolly after all!

A wine party is a great way to test out your taste buds with different wines and don’t forget, if someone falls in love with a particular wine, you might want to make a note as this could come in handy for birthdays. To help you with your party preparations, why not take a look at some of WineWeaver’s handy tips on how to throw a hassle-free wine party.

How to Throw a Wine Party – step-by-step guide:

1. First things first: Put together a list of people to invite and, if you wish, choose a theme for your party

2. Choose your wine: Five to six wines for everyone to share is perfect (although will depend on how many people you have coming!)

3. There are a number of ways of undertaking a wine tasting party such as a blind tasting, a varietal tasting and so forth, however the easiest, if this is your first wine tasting party, is to simply ask everyone to bring along a bottle of their favourite wine – and because there are an infinite number of ways for throwing and running a wine tasting party, remember that you can always change the criteria for the next party!

4. You should keep some pens and paper handy so that people can make notes. You could even score each wine out of 10 and announce the winner at the end of the tasting. For added extras, you could even ask each guest to bring their wine wrapped in brown paper so that everyone can try to guess the varietal inside – or even just which wine they brought themselves! And don’t forget, why not impress your guests with pouring your wine through your WineWeaver wine aerator for even greater flavor and aromas!

5. Also remember to have some nibbles and water available to help cleanse the palate. Cheese and biscuits or a variety of breads make wonderful companions for wine and can be displayed beautifully on a platter or board. Make sure to include some all time favourites such as Cheddar, Gouda and Monterey Jack – nothing too strong as the mild varieties will help to neutralise the palate between wines!

6. The essential ingredient to any party is to enjoy yourselves and have fun. Having some background music can help get people in the festive spirit and engage people in conversation.

7. Finally, once the wine has all been tasted, notes compared and the nibbles polished off, don’t forget to schedule your next wine tasting!

Because there are so many different types of wine tasting parties you can throw, we’ll be coming back to share more tips on how to host a Wine and Cheese party, a Wine and Chocolate party and how to go about a Vertical and Horizontal wine tasting parties – and by that we don’t mean lying down to taste the wine…

But, for now, especially if this is your first wine party, enjoy and have fun and remember to watch this space for more ‘how to throw a wine party’ tips.

 How to Throw a Wine Party with WineWeaver

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