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Learning how to taste wine in 3 simple steps

New to drinking wine, but want to seem like you know what you’re doing? How To Taste Wine reveals everything you could need to know…

How To Taste Wine Step 1: Looking at the wine

You might be amazed by how much you can tell about a wine before you even take a sip.

First of all, pour just a small trickle of wine into your glass and see if there’s any sediment or cork particles floating about. This is a sure sign that your wine needs to be filtered, so make sure you do.

More intense colours indicate a bolder wine, with much more tannin. It’s the tannins which the WineWeaver® is designed to tackle so that it becomes softer on the palate.

Learn how to taste wine colour chart

How To Taste Wine Step 2: Smelling the wine

Sniffing wine can make you sound like a true pro if you can get your head around all of the hypnotising aromas.

How to taste wine step 2 smellYou can reveal so much by swirling wine in your glass and exposing it to air, so that the wine releases more of its scent – we told you this was scientific.

If you’re using a wine aerator, (designed to expose wine to a larger amount of air), try and do a scent comparison – one glass of aerated wine vs a glass straight from the bottle. Aerated wine will have a more bountiful and enhanced bouquet than a non-aerated wine.

Eventually, you’ll be able to guess which grapes are in your wine and from which vineyard, we’ll soon produce a cheat sheet with some sure fire tips to help you out with that hurdle though!

How To Taste Wine Step 3: Tasting the wine

As always, we’ve saved the best until last – sampling your wine.

This is perhaps the hardest step in learning how to taste wine but is possibly the most enjoyable…especially if practised…a lot!

It’s not just a case of just taking a sip and swallowing! If you do this you’ll never get the best from any bottle you buy.

No, the trick to wine tasting is to take a small sip and swirl it around in your mouth, like a true wine lover. Again, this mixes wine with air and helps to reveal its full flavours, many of which you might miss if you just take a sip and swallow it straightaway. If you really want to push the boat out you can try and suck in additional air through your teeth to release even more of the flavours of your wine.

The great thing is that every new wine that you taste, helps you learn a little more about different wines of the world and the more adapted your senses become in detecting the nuances between them. You’ll soon be reeling off vineyards and grape varieties like it’s nobodies business. Our final tip for those of you who want to become a pro quickly is take some notes when you’re tasting wine. These don’t need to be complicated or too detailed but you’ll find them fun and interesting to read as start learning more about different wine flavours.

These three key steps of learning how to taste wine will bring a whole new dimension to every single bottle you open, with each new bottle being the start of a mini wine tasting adventure. One thing is for certain, getting more air into your wine is essential and that’s why our WineWeaver’s® help bring out the best wine flavours.

Have we sparked your wine attention? Read more about wine aeration.

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