WineWeaver Party Ideas: How to Make a Picnic Fancy Dress Outfit

Unique Picnic Fancy Dress Outfit - how to make

This Picnic Fancy Dress outfit was inspired by a Summer Holiday themed 30th Birthday Costume party.

I love to try and come up with new and unique costumes for any fancy dress theme and picnics are something that I really look forward to when the Summer draws near. So with dining al fresco and drinking wine in the summer sunshine on my mind, there was really only one creation to make… a Picnic Fancy Dress Outfit!

The outfit in summary:

To make your own Picnic costume, just simply adorn a green dress with a large napkin or small tablecloth and stick or sew on some fabric food.

The Bulk of the Picnic Costume:

In this instance I made the dress myself from some green stretch chenille, which gave some added ‘grass-like’ texture to the outift, but using a bought green dress would work equally well and means that you don’t have to be a dab-hand with the sewing machine.

The tablecloth blanket was tacked onto the dress and made from a square of blue gingham cotton.

On top of the tablecloth circles of white polycotton, trimmed with lace made for doilies or plates and the base for where the picnic food would be positioned.

I made a variety of picnic foods – swiss roll, battenburg cakes, chocolate fingers, strawberries and bourbon biscuits out of felt, however there are a number of crafty sellers on marketplaces such as eBay and etsy where you could purchase ready-made fabric food that simply needs to be stuck or tacked on with a needle and thread.

I ran out of time to make the sandwiches, so I ended up buying the knitted sandwiches that I used from a lovely lady on eBay for a couple of pounds.

The Small Details – Daisies and Ladybirds!

Close up ladybug nailsBeing a lover of the small details in life, my picnic dress outfit wasn’t going to be complete without paper daisies being sewn onto the ‘grass’ of my dress in addition to some ladybird buttons. I also painted my fingernails and toenails in a ladybird design.

A small feather butterfly also got stuck to my shoulder and I decided last minute to make a fascinator topped with a plastic picnic plate and some felt cupcakes stuck to a wide alice band. They looked almost good enough to eat. Delicious!

I also ended up covering my shoes in scraps of the green chenille fabric and adorning them the same – with daisies and ladybirds.close up butterfly & shoes

A small search online also favoured me with a gorgeous wicker handbag, that looks like a perfect picnic basket and really helped to not only add function to my dress (there were definitely no pockets in the dress!) but also to make the whole picnic fancy dress outfit complete.

Unique Picnic Fancy Dress Outfit - Close up picnic basket handbag & felt strawberries

Wicker basket handbag, knitted sandwiches, felt strawberries

Reactions to the Picnic Fancy Dress outfit: A unique costume

Everybody at the Summer Holiday themed party made great efforts with their costumes. There were Baywatch beach babes, air stewardesses, people dressed as ice-creams as well as someone dressed a whole coral reef and another as the Sun, Sea and Sand.

I received a lot of lovely comments on my unique costume with many wanting to try on the cupcake fascinator and marvelling at the detail on the felt food, ladybug nail varnish and grassy dress. All in all peoples’ fantastic reaction, plus a brilliant party, meant that it was well worth the effort of putting together such a unique Picnic Fancy Dress Outfit!

close up cake hat

Cupcakes on a plate headband fascinator


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