Cornell University - WineWeaver at Hotel Ezra Cornell 2011WineWeaver at the Cornell University’s 86th Annual Hotel Ezra – Wine, Wonder and Hospitality- by    

Miles McMullin

This past April, while most of the world was watching “The Greatest Show on Earth” otherwise known as the The Royal Wedding, the who’s who of the hospitality industry descended upon The Hotel School at Cornell University for the 86th annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. Put on entirely by the Hotel School students, HEC has always attracted the best and brightest of the hospitality industry to innovate for the future as well as celebrate the past.
This year, HEC was fortunate enough to feature WineWeaver as a Gold Sponsor, and even the guests with the most discriminating wine tastes were impressed. While decanting a wine takes upwards of 40 minutes and other aerators are clumsy and not visually appealing, WineWeaver truly unlocks your wines potential while elevating the pouring process to a show-like process.
Sponsoring a tasting event let many see how practical and useful the WineWeaver could be for personal use or in restaurants to revive an open bottle used for the “by-the-glass” market. Many visionaries in the ‘rooms’ side of the industry saw a potential for guests to recreate that restaurant experience in the guest room.
In addition to the WineWeaver sponsored tasting, the trade show was wildly successful. Although it was only Noon, everyone flocked to the WineWeaver booth to catch a demonstration and a taste. Many were shocked after tasting to see how much of a difference the aeration process made, and although everyone already received a WineWeaver, they wanted more to show their associates and families.
When Hotel Ezra Cornell decided to feature an aerator, WineWeaver was the natural choice. What we failed to predict was the massive amount of interest it would generate in such a growing part of the wine industry. Clearly not all aerators are created equal, and we give a “cheers” to WineWeaver for creating such a revolutionary product as well as to the prospect of getting more interested in and loving wine!

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