Labor Day Sale on Bestselling WineWeaver Black Velvet – Happy Labor Day one and all!

Labor Day Sale on WineWeaver

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Labor Day from all here at WineWeaver. If you’re in the States or Canada you will no doubt be enjoying a much deserved day off work (we’re all very jealous here in WineWeaver HQ!)

We hope you really kick back and really relax today and if you get round to enjoying a glass of wine or too, all the better!

Don’t forget to pick up some great wine tasting tips from our Resident Sommelier over in our Sommelier’s Corner Wine Blog or take advantage of our Labor Day Sale offer in store now.

To help celebrate Labor Day, we are offering our Bestselling WineWeaver Black Velvet at a reduced price for a limited period – offer ends September 10th.

Normal Retail Prices on Black Velvet have been reduced to help you make great savings.

To buy a Black Velvet at Discount, visit our WineWeaver USA & Canada Store here.



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