“HORROR BLOOD PUNCH” Halloween Cocktail Recipe!

This red wine based cocktail  is sure to go down a treat with any invited house guests this Halloween.Halloween Recipe Red Wine Cocktail Blood Punch

Why not offer to guests and ghouls this Halloween as the perfect accompanying beverage to our Soup Served in a Pumpkin Recipe.

Red Wine Blood Punch with melon ball floating eyeballs

  • 1 bottle red wine (whicever you prefer)
  • 1 cup sparkling apple juice
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • orange and lemon juice to taste
  • brandy to taste
  • Melon (such as honeydew or gala)

Cocktail Instructions:

Using a teaspoon or melon-baller, scoop out balls of flesh from the melon. These melon balls can then be added to the punch to represent floating eyeballs.

For the punch, mix all the ingredients together and place in a punchbowl to serve.

To really get into the spooky spirit of Halloween why not serve this up in a hollowed out pumpkin to use as your Halloween Punchbowl! Either place a glass bowl inside a large hollowed out pumpkin, or directly into the pumpkin itself!

Ghoulish Tip: Hollowed out pumpkins are really very versatile and are also ideal for turning into wine chillers or ice buckets.

Halloween Recipe Pumpkin Punch Bowl & Ice Bucket

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