Gypsy Kitchen Restaurant, PetersfieldGypsy Kitchen Petersfield

Every month or so, the new Gypsy Kitchen in Petersfield (Hampshire), holds an evening Supper Club. It is a new restaurant and we went as part of a small party.

Our evening started with rose-hip champagne and duck canapés outside in the courtyard area. As we didn’t all know each other prior to the event, being able to stand and circulate gave us an opportunity to meet and greet each other.

Introductions complete, we entered the cheerful restaurant for the other courses (see full menu below).

As the restaurant doesn’t yet have a licence, the diners could choose to take along their favourite drinks to accompany the meal. As regular reaWineWeaver wine aerator with Cabernet Sauvignon in Gypsy Kitchenders will guess, the red wine popped up to accompany the large, superbly cooked portion of shin of beef and divine vegetables. In all the chatter and nattering we had forgotten to open the wine in advance for that all important aeration process. This is particularly true of a cabernet sauvignon as it is very tight and needs the aeration to open out the flavours and aromas. We took out our Wolf Blass, Yellow Label from South Australia, along with the WineWeaver wine aerator to instantly release the tannins and make the wine immediately more desirable. The accompanying photo shows the wine glasses were unusually small for these days but as the spout of the wine aerator has been specifically designed to be adjusted this tiny challenge was soon overcome much to the relief of all.

BYOB – a Cabernet Sauvignon, no less

A little aside on the wine, Wolf Blass Yellow Label is the most successful wine of Wolf Blass and has evolved from a Cabernet Shiraz Malbec wine into a single varietal – Cabernet Sauvignon. The single varietal has made it more expressive and complex.  It is a full bodied wine with a rich deep dark red colour accompanied by full red berry flavours. We tucked into the main course of shin of beef with vigour and are happy to report the savoury tastes of the meal burst forth accompanied by a rich, fruity, red wine. The perfect blend of good hearty food, wine and friendship, all in one place at one time.

Food lovers will be pleased to hear that the meat is sourced locally from the Hyden Farm, a winner of the Great Tastes Awards 2012 for beef, pork and duck produce.

Gypsy Kitchen Braised shin of beef main

 Photo: Braised shin of beef with white onion puree, cavolo nero, secrets carrots and red wine sauce.

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