Golden Nectar Olive TreeWe are proud to announce a launch of a new gourmet food gift hamper to celebrate the start of the warmer weather. Wine and olive oil are so complimentary to each other.

Just imagine, think of long, long Mediterranean lunches under olive groves with tables bending under the weight of fresh breads, cheeses, olives and olive oil all accompanied by fine wines –red or white.  This is the image we hope our two new gift products will bring to mind when opened. Moments of sunshine and delight in a box.

Golden Nectar Next GenerationThe WineWeaver team specially selected gourmet olive oil comes from a family who have been harvesting olive oil for five generations from olive groves which date back to the 16th century.  The girth of the olive tree trunk is akin to that of an oak tree, the wider the girth the older the tree.  I think the photo gives an idea of the age.  For those of us who love elephants, olive oil is like an elephant. Age brings maturity and power to the elephant and so it is for olive oil.

So the WineWeaver team were very excited to join with Golden Nectar in the presentation of an extra virgin olive oil from Puglia. The oil is carefully extracted by purely mechanical process. This is important to olive oil purists because it means the pure fruit juice has not Map of Italy San Vito dei Normanniundergone a chemical transformation in the extraction process.  The skin is broken, the pulp is squeezed to extract the oil and finally, there is a separation process to purify the oil.  As with most things in life and all things on the WineWeaver website- timing is everything.  To ensure a high quality olive oil, the olives are put into the extraction process as soon as possible after picking and Golden Nectar has invested decades in learning this simple but essential rule to the making of gourmet extra virgin oil.


Golden Nectar Mele FamilyIn the words of the Mele family:

Our olive trees are cared for with love and passion by our farmers. The olives are harvested following traditional systems yet preserving the low acidity of the oil, then cold-pressed with state-of-the-art mechanical methods, without any additives or chemical treatments. Love for Nature, respect for our traditions, support for the local community, promoting healthy eating are the core values of our work.


Premium Olive Oil Hamper 2We believe this unique gift, which cannot be bought in the High Street, is so exciting that we are offering two styles and price ranges. We have the Premium Olive Oil Gift Box for Food Lovers which contains a bottle of Golden Nectar Olive Oil, a Black Velvet wine aerator and a beautiful Riedel mini decanter all wrapped in a beautiful black reusable hamper box. Surely a delightful gift at any time of the year and stupendous Easter gift (what an alternative to an Easter egg!).


Olive Oil Gift BagOur second Foodie Gift idea is an Olive Oil & Wine Aerator Gift Bag for Foodies. This special gift bag is designed to give you the choice of the colour of the wine aerator combined with the delicious extra virgin olive oil. The red ribbon and gift tag give it a jaunty little lift to celebrate the shine caught in the olive oil.


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