Before testing out some wine aeration on a Potensac, I recently had the opportunity to re-visit the 2011 Bordeaux vintage and found my notes were strikingly similar to the ones during the Primeur’s week.

In summary, my notes show the right bank leading initially in term of quality and homogeneity and the left bank being more heterogeneous in nature.  I should add the St Julien region seems to have had a break-through with some outstanding Pauillac and Margaux wine but it should be noted that prices remain the main concern with these wines.

After tasting 90 odds wines, such is the life of a sommelier, we went for diner with a friend and took the opportunity to drink (as opposed to taste) a gift in the form of a bottle of Potensac 2001.

The Potensac chateau is owned and managed by Jean-Hubert Delon (the Delon family have been owners of the estate since the mid-20th century).  Jean-Herbert Delon is regisseur of Leoville Las Cases,  a wine which is always punching above its weight. The estate is listed on a large number of wine lists because it is always very well made and fairly priced.  How wonderful as it is both affordable and delicious!

So here we are in front of a complex wine which has an intense and quite layered nose, with classic hints of smoke, wet earth and black fruit. The palate is juicy, yet charismatic and just mono dimensional at this initial stage after opening.

Now for the wine aeration test, out comes the WineWeaver and the Potensac 2001 is poured through the wine aerator and into a decanter. The nose moved to another level with more depth and precision on the aromas and minerals. The palate took that angle of aristocratic-for a simple Medoc appellation- with a superb classy frame of fruit; spices, earthy minerals that only can be found in Bordeaux’s, then we appreciated dark fruit and ripe stone fruit, fresh mushrooms, leather and a saline finish, filled up with more spices, smoke and almost savouriness…absolutely stunning…it went down with eloquence.

WineWeaver Black Velvet wine aerator

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