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Drink wine on a diet

Drink Wine On A Diet – Well I never!

After a wonderful time indulging in some Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa, a Texan Texas Tempranillo Reserve or a fine Bordeaux, over the holiday period the adverts start reminding us of the idea of dieting or in other words – abstinence or doing without. How we all hate the idea of not being able to drink wine on a diet.

Maybe there is a way to drink wine on a diet.

The problem is that abstinence can be so hard to maintain and it may not be the only or even best solution.

Whilst thinking about the pros of control versus giving up wine for a whole month or more, I came across some research that suggests that one glass of red wine can, over the long-term help with weight management, particularly for middle-aged women and prevent them from putting on weight and becoming obese (Archive of Internal Medicine and International Journal of Obesity). On reading that it made me wonder, is that why in Paris the women seem to be so slim and there are so few obese people (well to be honest, I have never in nearly 30 years of visiting Paris (France) actually seen an obese person).

So back to the basic question, can I drink wine on a diet?

Maybe a change of approach is to make your wine consumption a fabulous experience from the moment of preparation to the actual consumption. Make the whole wine drinking experience easy and fun. Make that one glass count in every sense.

How to make one glass the perfect glass?

Think about, really visualise, that special meal. For example, how much better do double cooked French Fries taste when served with a fabulous steak? Now add a glass of your favourite wine. Get the picture?

Okay, it is the diet season so maybe remove the French Fries as a concession to the little indulgences taken over the holiday period. Instead take a moment to add a touch of class to the glass, remember you can only have the one perfect glass of wine.

A fine wine glass, a beautiful wine aerator on top of it and you are ready to have a visual experience (remember you eat and drink with your eyes as well as your taste buds). Just take a few seconds to really enjoy watching your wine pass through the wine aerator and as it picks up the air it gently releases the nuances of the smells contained in the wine. In the time it takes to pass through the aeration process, your senses can be indulged in a simple and effective but stunningly beautiful sensation, precisely what the wine deserves after all that time locked in the bottle.

So, go ahead and indulge in a glass of perfection whilst you are on your way to a new shape, new way of living.

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