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Dieting, Wine and Mindfulness

Dieting, Wine and Mindfulness

New Year resolutions are easy to make but a commitment to healthy living is much hard to do. At WineWeaver, we have a product which will make your wine drinking more mindful and enhance the pleasure of drinking that one glass of delicious wine that you are permitted on your diet.

Drinking wine is so much more than just consuming liquid to quench your thirst. It is about engaging in mindful pleasure and WineWeaver is all about enhancing and engaging in that mindful experience which is why our aerator is beautiful as it flows and aerates.

How can I diet and drink wine? Start with the concept of buying the best bottle of wine that you can afford. As with most things in life, there is a connection between the price of the bottle of wine and the subtle nuances contained within the wine. I am not judging if a wine is good or bad by the price but connecting the price with the complexity of the wine.

You have now invested in your health and your wine drinking pleasure by buying the best bottle you can afford. There are numerous products on the market, and indeed we sell one of them, which will allow you to save the wine so you can drink the wine over a number of days. This justifies the additional cost of the wine and helps you to keep to your diet plan at the same time.

So by this simple act of saving the wine you can drink responsibly, reduce wastage and make wine consumption a part of your healthy living. Over time this will become a habit and it is only by changing our habits that we can change our lifestyles and our waistlines.

Wine can be a positive part of your lifestyle which is great as numerous wine studies have shown that wine, and particularly red wine can have a beneficial impact upon your health.

Now you can enjoy the label and anticipate what the contents will taste like. As you know, wine tasting is also a part of drinking wine, as is collecting wine labels. Remember, both of those activities are calorie free wine hobbies.

Make the wine glass and the wine aeration process part of the positive, mindful approach to enjoying and savouring your wine. As you pour your wine through the WineWeaver wine aerator you will specifically notice that the scents of the wine are being released. Take the time to sniff and enjoy as smell is an essential part of wine tasting and is often referred to as the ‘aroma’ or ‘nose’ of the wine.

Having aerated the wine, you are now in a position to check the colour before you enjoy the finer nuances of the taste and aroma released in the aeration process.

If you are on a diet and want to drink wine, make sure it is served at its best by aerating it and served in a lovely wine glass. By incorporating mindfulness you can consciously live the moment, enjoy every sip and calorie and feel proud that you will be watching your waistline at the same time. Diet, what diet? This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change.

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