Quick and Tasty – Chef Peng’s Crispy Garlic Green Beans Recipe with Chilli! Easy to make and delicious to eat! A great addition to our Professional Chef’s Blog recipes.

Crispy Garlic Green Beans Recipe with Chilli - Professional Chef Blog

Crispy Garlic Chili Beans

150g       french beans (top’n’tailed & halved.
Ensure dry if rinsed)
200g      dried garlic flakes
1tbsp     whole sichuan peppercorns
1tbsp     five spice powder
200g      salt
1            finely chopped red chilli
1            finely chopped spring onion
200g      self raising flour
cold water
2litres   vegetable oil

Chef Peng of the highly acclaimed Hunan Restaurant in London’s Belgravia has offered this wonderful recipe for the budding chef to master. Let us know how you get on!

A note on Hunan: Restaurant critic Giles Coren, writing for The Times, said,”I have long accepted that it may be the best Chinese restaurant in the world.”

Preparation & Cooking:

For the Garlic

Lightly pound the dried garlic flakes in a pestle and mortar into small pieces not powder. Rehydrate in water and leave for a few hours. Pass the liquid though a muslin cloth and retain the garlic pieces. The garlic water can be bottled kept in a fridge and used for other dishes.

For the Spice salt

Heat a clean wok on the stove to a high temperature and add sichuan peppercorns, lightly toast to release their aromatics. Transfer into a pestle and mortar and lightly pound. Leave to one side.

Heat the wok to a high temperature add the salt, five spice powder and ground peppercorns, turning the mixture on a medium heat. Take off heat, transfer to a ceramic bowl and leave to cool.

For the Batter

For the batter, add water to the flour and whisk until you a get a consistency of double cream or slightly thicker.


In a large pan heat the all oil (as in making chips). Be careful – It needs to be very hot but not smoking! Test by dropping some batter in the oil, it should float to the top immediately.

Coat the beans in batter and lower into the hot pan one by one. The temperature of the oil will drop as the beans increase so regulate accordingly. Take the beans out when they start to turn colour as they will continue to cook. Drain the beans in a sieve on kitchen paper.

In a hot wok add the chilli, 1 table spoon of rehydrated garlic, spring onion and stir fry until it starts to smoke then add the beans, continue to toss for 20 seconds. Take off the heat. Add a generous pinch of the spice salt, toss and serve.

And now let our thoughts turn to which wines to accompany this Crispy Garlic Green Beans recipe with comment from our Resident Sommelier, Christopher Delalonde MS. Flavours are needed for such a dish!

Franz HirtzbergerFor the white wine drinker:
Gruner Veltliner Federspiel 2008 Franz Hirtzberger Wachau Austria the variety is not known anywhere else out of Austria, and comes with loads of different  spectrum: regions, style and quality level (federspiel) made by one of the most talented wine maker in the region and maybe in the country; this gruner has the green flavours of beens and asparagus – fresh, with a touch of exotic; some white pepper and asian spices on the nose, the palate delivers with intensity: white flowers, some ripe peach, nettles, lemon; more spices and a lovely body to fill up the mid palate. Generous acidity keeps the palate vibrant and brings all those flavour throughout on a medium finish; also fresh and crisp. Complex wine with some characters it will interact very well with the crunchy texture and green flavours of the raw material, as well as keeping in tune with the chillies (depending on how lively you like your heat!)

Martinborough Pinot New ZealandOr, if you’re like me and prefer a red wine…
Pinot Noir Dry River 2001 Martinborough New Zealand
what is very exciting in this rarer cuvee -due to its bottle age- is the savouriness and spiciness of the Pinot; also with that classic notes of cherries a l’eau de vie; that depict its southern origins!
The nose is composed with ripe berries, cherries, leather, warm spices and a touch of smoke…attractive too.
The delivery is quite subtle with poise and elegance; then the ripe fruit spectrum and spices comes in play in the mid palate with character. Lively from that stone fruit acid support and rich in texture, it fills up the entire palate and finishes long on ripe fruit and a touch of heat…
The match works on the texture opposition, even though the batter brings an oily touch that works well with the wine feel; and the spicy side, that the wine absorb and react superbly well with, highlighting its own….

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