Coolest Gadget? – Black Velvet Wine Aerator – Not Shaken and Definitely Not Stirred!

Inspired by Bond, of the 007 fame, this has to be the coolest gadget (and handsome too) which is ready, willing and able to serve at Her Majesty pleasure -day or night. The Black Velvet wine aerator is quite simply the best guy gadget for wine lovers & the ultimate travel gadget for weekend jaunts at home or abroad.

Coolest Gadget Wine Aerator in Black Velvet

Hit The Spot

The Black Velvet wine aerator is the coolest gadget and designed to appeal to the man who knows what he wants, gets what he wants and knows how to hit the spot when it comes to delivering his wine. This aeration process is subtle, smooth, sophisticated and dashing- just like James!

Whether popping a cork or turning a screw on a bottle of wine, a leader of  style demands the best from this techy gadget with a punch. Dangerously sophisticated, the Black Velvet wine aerator is sure to turn heads as the carefully selected wine is effortlessly poured into her body for a fully organic wine aeration process specifically designed to give a direct hit into a delightfully large Riedel wine glass.

Does Riedel, perhaps the current ruler of wine glassware, have too refined and delicate a rim for the WineWeaver wine aerator? Categorically not! We are talking about the ultimate wine accessory designed for the man who knows how to serve a perfect glass of wine or even wine in a perfect glass.

As the wine aerator sublimely and silently eliminates (just like Bond on a good day) the excess tannin in the wine, our coolest gadget guy is able to both pour and use the technology to do the work, as he eyes up the guests who he can see are clearly mesmerised by the delicate streams of wine winding evenly down the inside of the glass.

Is this one-upmanship at its best? Most certainly ma’am (and by the way yes, it is said as in ‘ham’ and not ‘farm’).

Compromise- Never!

Would James Bond, lover of Aston Martins from the DB5 (Goldfinger) to the DB10 (Spectre) compromise on his superior tastes – NEVER!  Would the WineWeaver team compromise – NEVER! Our design guys may have been behind the scenes but ‘R’ (our ‘Q’) is a master of high pressure engine fuel systems by day and WineWeaver wine aerator designer by night.

High Pressure Expert meets the Court of Master Sommeliers

‘R’ is the British innovating engineer, who knows all about high pressure, was challenged to enhance the wine aeration process from the very first to the last glass and to make it a hands-free process suitable for glasses with rims so fine they would be fit for Her Majesty or even ‘M’s wine.

Every aspect of the design has been examined, evaluated, tested and considered by our engineer and then passed to be scrutinised by the Master Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. The result is the best gadget for aerating wine by the glass, it is simply the coolest gadget to have and to hold.

Pronounced Best Wine Wine Aerator by a Rare Master

Christopher Delalonde, is 1 of only 219 Master Sommelier’s worldwide. He is dedicated to presenting wine at its best as he knows every bottle holds the secret which is revealed with every sip.

Christopher is a Master Sommelier  who was baptised by the fire and perfectionism of Ramsay, yes the one and only Gordon Ramsay (restaurateur and TV chef). Combine the ideal of working directly for Gordon Ramsay with the strenuous, meticulous training in the Court of Master Sommeliers [wait a moment, is it just me or do you also see scenes of two men in white fencing suits, Madonna and crazy fencing in the courtyard in your mind’s eye- what was I saying..…] with Christopher’s natural French DNA and you may imagine, correctly, that a fair few wines and quality wines were put through the WineWeaver before the Master pronounced it as ‘best wine aerator’.

 The coolest can’t help but upstage- adjustable, filters, operates hands-free and aerates

Just like Daniel Craig’s Bond, WineWeaver is the wine aerator that fears nothing and upstages conventional, inflexible wine aerators. Hands free? No problem. Adjustable? Most definitely.

This wine aerator has been designed in case that Bond moment means improvisation. This all British wine aerator stops at nothing – it filters whilst it eliminates and it can be adjusted to let the radials of wine fit the shape of the glass-any glass. So whatever glassware is close to hand it’s not a problem for our coolest gadget, which can have a handy travel tote for the national or international traveller.

The result of the engineer meeting the Master Sommelier is an aeration process which starts as the wine leaves the neck of the bottle and continues throughout and to the very moment it gently slides into the base of the glass.

As if that wasn’t enough iWine aerator Black Velvet is a way cool gadget!t has one more trick up its cuff (so to speak), just in case our modern gadget man is entertaining more than one special guest and wants to grab a decanter to satisfy his need. Again, it is not a problem as the WineWeaver can cope with those flat topped decanters which take a full bottle, simply adjust the spout with a quick discreet twist downwards.

Perfect for the 007 man and the American Cool Dude

So, if you know a gadget guy who likes the coolest gadget on the street, don’t compromise, go with it. Embrace the Bond (the ultimate cool guy) within them this Christmas and buy them a supremely chilled out little number called the Black Velvet – it is 100%  British  and quite simply the best.

Just in case our American friends are wondering, we also think it fits the hard-hitting, ambitious, go-getting ‘Mad Men’ executive types of the 21st century as they would undoubtedly be drinking wine especially since a fabulous Mad Man would have had the contract to promote the Napa and Sonoma wines by now. Secretly, we Brits like to think those ad men modelled themselves on our sauve, charismatic 007! Even if we are wrong, we still think the Mad Men of the 21st century would have a WineWeaver close to hand on the drinks trolley.


So this Christmas,  don’t hesitate GO FOR IT and buy the perfect coolest gadget not to be found on the high street. No man could demand more for his beloved wine!


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