Costa Russi 1998I was having lunch with some wine colleagues today and we were treated with a magnum of Costa Russi 1998 from Angelo Gaja in Piedmont. 95% nebbiolo and 5% barbera to compose that Langhe DOC.

The bottle has just been opened and it delivered a mix bag of flavours, at first very floral with some dry roses and violets. Then it moved to grounded white pepper and smoky character.  A third return brought more minerals, wet earth and iron. Always the frame was rigid with brown spices, ripe-dark fruit and chocolate.

So I decided to see further and got my WineWeaver out and poured some direct into my glass. Despite being 14 years old, the wine did not stop evolving and featuring new fragrance and orientation. The WineWeaver brought more layers on the palate and you could clearly see that the wine had not yet reached a plateau of evolution; it seemed to move toward a profile that could have been misleading if it would have been a blind tasting!

What struck me however was the cheer class that came out of my glass. Complex, intense, bright and composed, this beast had a raw power that the WineWeaver managed to tame and also highlight the potential left in this unique master piece!


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